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Last updated on 08/30/2016


SAT’s at Riverside:
 When students register for test dates at Riverside they should enter Riverside’s test center code: 39674. The exams will begin at 8am, students should arrive at the high school between 7:30 and 7:45. Admissions ticket and photo ID is required. Please see the document “SAT Dates” above for testing dates and deadlines.

Attention all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors:
Are you still
'In It to Win It?’ …   
The Challenge Program wants to take a ‘minute’ to remind you what you can do throughout the school year to win a $250 check.  Whether you lend a hand in the community, improve your grades, or just show up to school every day, you could be awarded for your hard work and dedication.

Remember, there are 4 Challenge Program categories that you could earn the award in:
Academic Excellence,
Academic Improvement,
Community Service, and

So get out there and keep working hard to win it!

Visit your guidance department for forms to track your community service hours. Visit The Challenge Program’s website, , for more details. And don't forget to "like us” on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Please check out our new Student Assistance Program web site.  It can be found in the right hand column.


SELECTIVE SERVICES ANNOUNCEMENT This is an important announcement for all 17- and 18- year old men.

We want you to remember that when you turn 18, it is your civic responsibility to register with Selective Services.

Registering for Selective Service is a federal law and those who fail to register may be denied student loans, job training, government jobs, and driver’s licenses in most states.

You can get a Selective Service registration card at you local post office or register online at

If you have any questions regarding registration, please speak with the Guidance Office.

Guidance Staff

Mrs. Abbey Judge   District Chairperson
Counselor for Grades 11 and 12

Mrs. Laurie Mecca  
Counselor for Grades 7, 8, 9 , and 10

Mr. Matthew Vitale
District Psychologist
Mr. J.T. Yarem
 District Crises Counselor

Riverside's Student Assistance Program


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