Mrs. Soulsby - Elementary School Counselor


    Dear Students and Parents,


    While we are planning what to do during the time off from school due to the Corona Virus, please take this opportunity to check out my Homework, Resources, Calendar, Parent Page, and Boo klist.  On my Homework page, you will find links to weekly lessons for each grade. On my Resources page, there are links for students to address areas they may want more information about. On my calendar, you'll find a daily story and discussion for our K-2 students, and a daily VLOG for our students in grades 3-6. The Parent Page has a lot of helpful resources that can assist our parents as they navigate the current environment that we're in, as well as concerns that may come up with your children. There is a lot of valuable information on those pages! If parents or students would like to meet with me, either via phone or virual face-to-face meeting, please fill out this form (Request an appointment) and I will contact you to set that up, or feel free to e-mail me during my office hours, from 8AM-12PM Monday through Friday.  I look forward to seeing you all when we get back to school!



    Mrs. Alita M. Soulsby, MS

    Elementary School Counselor

    Riverside School District





    *As your child's school counselor, my goal  is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program.  The guidance curriculum consists of structured developmental lessons designed to assist students in achieving the desired competencies in the academic, personal/social, and career areas.  Individual student planning will assist students individually in establishing personal goals and developing future plans.  Responsive services are the traditional duties of a school counselor.  These are typically in response to life situations and may include individual or small group counseling, meetings, or referrals.  Please feel free to contact me any time at 562-2121 ext. 3372 (East) or 2232 (West).