Lesson 11

  • Lesson 11: Jump!


    **Reread this selection at home to practice fluency.**

    ** This week's selection test will come from this story.**


    Target Skills:

    Comprehension Skill: Fact and Opinion

    Comprehension Strategy: Question

    Phonics Skill: Vowel Diphthongs oi, oy

    Grammar Skill: More Plural Nouns

    (change y to and i and add es; special plural nouns)

    Vocabulary Skill: Suffixes -y, -ful, and -ous

    Target Vocabulary Words:

    championship     power     professional     athlete

    rooting     court     competitor     entire


    Vowel Sound in "joy"

    joy     point     voice     join

    oil     coin     noise     spoil

    toy     joint     boy     soil

    choice     boil     come     are

    poison     destroy


    Helpful Websites:


    Play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe while you practice plural nouns

    Plural Play


    Practice adding s to words that end with "Y"

    Plurals "Y" Endings


    Practice Adding suffixes -y and -ly to words

    Flock of Flamingos


    Identify Fact and Opinion Statements

    Fact and Opinion Quia