Lesson 6

  • Lesson 6: Max's Words


    **Reread this selection at home to practice fluency.**

    ** This week's selection test will come from this story.**


    Target Skills:


    Comprehension Skill: Sequence of Events

    Comprehension Strategy: Question

    Phonics Skill: Words with the VCV pattern

    (dividing a word into syllables)

    Grammar Skill: Verbs

    Vocabulary Skill: Suffixes -er, -or


    Target Vocabulary Words:

    Collect    Scrambled    Orders    Sorted

    Ragged    Rapidly    Continued    Darted



    More Short and Long Vowels

    math   toast   easy    socks

    Friday    stuff    paid    cheese

    June    elbow    program    shiny

    piles    sticky    each    both

    comb        holiday


    Helpful Websites:


    Noun or Verb- Click on the link below to practice identifying nouns and verbs.

    Grammar Gorillas


    Verb Practice- Click on the link below to practice verbs in the correct tense

    Viper Verbs


    Sequence of Events: Click on the link below to practice sequence of events.  There are a few fun activities at this site.

    Quia Sequence of Events