Lesson 7


    Lesson 7:

    What Do Illustrators Do?


    **Reread this selection at home to practice fluency.**

    ** This week's selection test will come from this story.**


    Target Skills:

    Comprehension Skill: Text and Graphic Features

    Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

    Phonics Skill: Three-Letter Clusters (scr-, spr-, str-, thr-)

    Grammar Skill: Verb Tenses

    Vocabulary Skill: Synonyms

    Target Vocabulary Words:

    tracing    imagine    illustrate    scribbles

    sketches    research    textures    tools


    Three-Letter Clusters

    three     scrap     street     spring

    thrill     scream     strange     throw

    string     scrape     spray     threw

    strong     scratch     think     they

    straight     scramble

    Helpful Websites:


    Mad Libs- Practice your grammar skills using this fun, interactive site.

    Mad Libs


    Synonym Toast- Practice our Vocabulary Skill by matching flying pieces of bread to the toaster.

    Synonym Toast


    Furious Frogs- Practice your skill at identifying synonyms, antonyms, and Homonyms.

    Furious Frogs


    Noun or Verb- Click on the link below to practice identifying nouns and verbs.

    Grammar Gorillas


    Verb Practice- Click on the link below to practice verbs in the correct tense

    Viper Verbs