Lesson 10

  • Lesson 10: Young Thomas Edison

    **Reread this selection at home to practice fluency.**

    ** This week's selection test will come from this story.** 


    Target Skills:


    Comprehension Skill: Main Idea and Details

    Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

    Phonics Skill: Words with au, aw, al, o

    Grammar Skill: Pronouns

    Vocabulary Skill: Categorize and Classify


    Target Vocabulary Words:

    signal     genius     gadget     invention

    laboratory     experiment     occasional     electric



    Vowel Sound in "Talk"

    talk     cross     awful     law

    cloth     cost     crawl     chalk

    also     raw     salt     wall

    lawn     Saturday     soft     small

    often     strawberry


    Helpful Websites:



    Main Idea Practice

      Read a short passage then answer the questions that follow.

    Main Idea Quiz Game

    Ben Franklin Main Idea

    Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Floods Main Idea


    Practice Categorizing and classifying with these games!

    Categorize and Classify Battleship

    Categorize and Classify Millionaire

    Categorize and Classify Matching


    Pop the Balloon that has a pronoun on it

    Balloon Pronoun Pop