Language Arts

  • For each new lesson, I will be providing each student a list of vocabulary and spelling words.  These words will be stapled to your child's agenda weekly.  You can also find these words in the language arts practice book.


    Please review spelling and vocabulary words every night.  I would also recommend reading over the story we are reading in class with your child.  Research has shown that literacy skills improve when practicing at home with a parent. 


    Each language arts test has 5 parts; vocabulary, phonics, reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar.  These skills are worked on in class with extension exercises for homework.  There will be a study guide sent home for each test.  Please review these with your child. At the end of each quarter, students will be taking a unit test which will test their skills they have acquired over the quarter.


    Please click on the link below to access think central.  Here you will be able to see where we are working on in language arts.  Vocabulary and spelling words are also located here.