Lesson 14

  • Lesson 14: Aero and Officer Mike


    **Reread this selection at home to practice fluency.**

    ** This week's selection test will come from this story.** 


    Target Skills:

    Comprehension Skill: Author's Purpose

    Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

    Phonics Skill: Words with ar, or, ore

    Grammar Skill: Pronouns and Verbs

    Vocabulary Skill: Prefixes in-, im-

    Target Vocabulary Words:

    lying    loyal    partners    shift

    quiver    patrol    ability    snap


    Vowel + r Sounds

    horse   mark   storm   market

    acorn   artist   March   north

    barking   stork   thorn   forest

    chore   restore   dark   story

    partner    fortune

    Helpful Websites:

    Read short passages and decide what the author's purpose for writing the passage is

    Author's Purpose