Lesson 17

  • Lesson 17: The Albertosaurus Mystery


    **Reread this selection at home to practice fluency.**

    ** This week's selection test will come from this story.** 


    Target Skills:

    Comprehension Skill: Conclusions

    Comprehension Strategy: Visualize

    Phonics Skills: Words with /j/ and /s/ AND Words with VCCCV Patterns

    Grammar Skill: Adjectives and Articles

    Vocabulary Skill: Suffix -ly

    Target Vocabulary Words:

    clues    remains    evidence    proof   fossils

    skeletons    uncovering    buried    fierce    location


    Words with /j/ and /s/

     age   space   change   jawbone

    jacket   giant   pencil   circle

    once   large   dance   jeans

    bounce   huge   nice   place

    excited   gigantic


    Helpful Websites:

    Practice drawing conclusions with this game

    Quia: Drawing Conclusions