Lesson 18

  • Lesson 18: A Tree is Growing


    **Reread this selection at home to practice fluency.**

    ** This week's selection test will not come from this story.**  


    Target Skills:

    Comprehension Skill: Text and Graphic Features

    Comprehension Strategy: Questions


    Phonics Skill: Words with /k/ and /kw/

    Grammar Skill: Using the Verb Be and Helping Verbs

    Vocabulary Skill: Categorize and Classify

    Target Vocabulary Words:

    pollen    store    clumps    passages    absorb

    throughout    spines     coverings   tropical    dissolve




    Words with /k/ and /kw/

     shark   check   queen   circus

    flake   crack   second   squeeze

    quart   quick   squeak   coldest

    Africa   Mexico   black   thank

    correct   question