Physical Education Class

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                                                                                         Riverside Physical Education Class


    Physical Education


    All students receive a numerical grade for Physical Education.  Each quarter your son/daughter will start will 100 points.  If they are unprepared, inactive in class, or misbehave they will be given a “U” (unsatisfactory) for the day.

    An unsatisfactory will be (-15) points. A student may earn 10 points back from a “U” by participating in Wednesday morning gym make up classes.  Example: Student A starts with 100, receives a “U”, they lose 15 points and now have an 85.  If they do not make that class up before the end of the marking period they will receive a first quarter grade of an 85.  If they do complete the make-up class they will earn 10 points back and will receive a 95.

    75% rule:

    All students must attend and participate in (minimally) 75% of their classes each quarter or 15 points per class exceeded will be deducted.  Students must attend and participate as follows or present a valid medical excuse.  All students present must participate in P.E. class; below are guidelines for students who are chronically absent.

    7th&8th grades have 9 classes per quarter (once a week).  They must attend and participate in 7 of 9 classes.

    9th-12th grades have 18 classes per quarter (twice a week). They must attend ad participate in 13 of 18 classes.

    Example:  A 10th grade student is dressed and participates in all classes but is absent 6 times, they have exceeded the minimal attendance requirement by (1) class.  They will receive an 85 for the quarter instead of 100.  If they attend Wednesday morning make-up class they can earn 10 points back and will receive a 95 that quarter.

    Mile Run

    The mile run is Riverside’s physical fitness test.  Student’s grades 9th-12th are required to run unless excused by a physician.  Students will run the mile in the fall and again in the spring. Students who refuse to run the mile or don't run it at all receive a 15 point deduction each attempt until failing in which they will not be able to make up.  7th and 8th grade students will run the ½ mile and ¾ mile.  Time requirements may vary.



    Shorts:  Gym (athletic) shorts only; nylon or dri-fit, elastic waistband (no cargo pants, jean shorts or compression shorts).  Length will be no shorter than arms-length (length at the fingertips).  Red, White, Navy and Grey colored shorts or plain, promoting Riverside, Riverside clubs, or Riverside sports.  A small manufactures logo is acceptable. (i.e. Nike, Under Armor)

    Sweatpants:  Must be worn at the waist.  May not drag on the floor. No tear-a-ways.  Same colors as shorts.

    Shirts:  Tee shirts- Red, White, Navy or Grey, promoting Riverside, Riverside club or sport. Also, plain tee shirts and the school 3 button with collar, short or long sleeve.  A small manufactures logo is acceptable.

    No tank tops, cut offs, or midriffs allowed.

    Sweatshirts:  Red, White, Navy or Grey. Riverside logo only.  No Hooded sweatshirts.

    Sneakers:  Must be fastened with laces, Velcro, or zippers.  No slip on sneakers.


    Display or any type of undergarment is prohibited.

    No article of clothing may be altered or worn inside out.  All clothing must be worn as designed. No rolling of shorts or sweatpants.



    All students are required to participate in Physical Education class.  The only exception is with a signed doctor’s excuse that specifically states the student cannot participate in P.E. class due to illness or injury.  No other excuses will be accepted.  Additionally, students who are present for the day and have a valid medical excuse will be given written work worth 15 points to be completed during their regularly scheduled class.  Failure to complete or poorly submitted work will result in a point reduction for the day.


    P.E. make up classes are held every Wednesday morning from 7:00am-7:45am.  Students must arrive no later than 7:25am.  Transportation is NOT provided.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange their own transportation.  The class consists of completing 25 laps per gym class missed.  Also, student must follow the P.E. dress code policy. 

    Students are advised to make up any gym classes they have missed as early as possible in case for some unforeseen reason they cannot make them up at a later date. (i.e. injury)

    Any student who makes up gym class on Wednesday morning are advised not to leave the building when they are finished.  If a student is late for homeroom or school they will not receive credit for the make-up laps. 


    If a student misses three Physical Education classes without making any up, they will receive a detention from the teacher. If a student misses four Physical Education classes without making any up, they will receive an In-School Suspension and parents will be notified.  If a student misses five Physical Education classes without making any up, they will receive an out-of-school suspension.

    Skipping Class

    Any student skipping P.E. class will receive a 15 point deduction and 75 gym make-up laps that can only be completed on Wednesday morning and.

    1st Offense – warning plus laps

    2nd Offense – In-School-Suspension plus laps

    3rd Offense - Out-Of-School Suspension plus laps