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Mandatory Lessons - Week of 5/11/2020

  • Hi, everyone! Here is what's on our agenda for this week (5/11/2020).

    • Period 3 - ELA: If you haven't yet, please finish your Figurative Language Warm-Ups worksheet. Explain the figurative meaning of each idiom/ adage and then use it in your own sentence. If you complete 4 per day, you will finish the worksheet by Friday. Then, refer to CommonLit for your next story. There are 8 assigned stories; so long as you read one per week, you will be on track to complete your work by the end of the school year (6/12/2020). If you want to read more than one, go ahead! I will grade it and leave comments for you as you complete it. As you read, practice making annotations by selecting/ highlighting parts of the text and typing a note for yourself.

      Spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday reading and annotating. On Thursday, answer the assessment questions. On Friday, respond to the discussion. HAPPY READING!

    • Periods 4, 5/6, 8, 9 - Math: This week, we will complete our daily warm-up with 5-A-Day Math Review: Week 34. Then, we will complete a lesson called "Dividing Positive and Negative Integers."

      PAGE 1: Follow the examples to divide integers. Note the following combinations (same as last week when we multiplied!):

      positive positive = positive
      positive negative = negative
      negative positive = negative
      negative negative = positive

      Two positives stay positive; and two negatives cancel each other out to make a positive... BUT one positive and one negative will STAY negative. The negative is stronger than the positive and will win the battle!

      #1s-15: Tell whether the answer will be positive, negative, or zero. You are not dividing the numbers and finding the quotient yet.

      #s16-30: Find the quotient AKA divide the numbers. Make sure to include the proper positive or negative sibn.