• Topic 1:

    Understand Addition and Subtraction


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    Essential Question: What are ways to think of addition and subtraction?



    Lesson 1: Solve word problems about adding to

    Lesson 2: Solve word problems about putting parts together

    Lesson 3: Solve word problems by breaking the whole into parts

    Lesson 4: Solve word problems that involve taking from a group

    Lesson 5: Solve word problems that involve how many more

    Lesson 6: Solve word problems that involve how many fewer

    Lesson 7: Use addition and subtraction to help find a missing addend

    Lesson 8: Solve word problems that involve putting together or taking apart 

    Lesson 9: Construct math arguments using addition and subtraction

    Fluency Review Activity: Add and Subtract within 5


    Web-based Games:






    https://toytheater.com/bug-catcher/  **This is a bit challenging 


    Web-based Flashcards:

    Adding 1 more- Click HERE

    Subtracting 1- Click HERE

    Adding (0-5)- Click HERE

    Subtracting from 5-  Click HERE

    Subtracting (0-5)- Click HERE