• Topic 2:

    Fluently Add and Subtract within 10


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    Essential Question: Which strategies can you use while adding and subtracting?



    Lesson 1: Add by counting on from a number (example: count up on a number line)

    Lesson 2: Use doubles to solve problems (example 3+3 or 4+4)

    Lesson 3: Solve problems using near doubles facts (I know 3+3=6, so 3+4= 6 plus 1 more and 3+5= 6 plus 2 more)

    Lesson 4: Use a ten-frame to help solve addition facts with 5 and 10

    Lesson 5: Use the same addends to write two different equations with the same sum (example 2+4=6 and 4+2=6)

    Lesson 6: Count back to solve subtraction problems (example: count back on a number line)

    Lesson 7: Use addition facts I know to help me solve subtraction problems (example: 4+3=7 so 7-4=3)

    Lesson 8: Draw pictures and write equations to help solve word problems

    Lesson 9: Look for patterns and use structure to solve problems

    Fluency Review Activity: Add and Subtract within 10


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    Subtracting from 5-  Click HERE

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