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    How can I prepare for 4th grade?

    *Start looking for books you will want to read this year.

     (Reading is required and a HUGE part of 4th grade.  There's no way around it!  Half the battle is finding a book you'll really be interested in.  Start looking now!  You can order through Scholastic once back to school, or order used through Amazon for low prices and quick shipping.  The library is also a wonderful resource for finding books!)

    *Try to obtain the needed supplies. (Most of these can be purchased at the dollar store.  If you cannot get them, don't worry!  We'll make sure you have everything you need!  The list will be sent with the classroom placement letter, and it is also available at the bottom of the Classroom News page.) 

    *Try to look at 4th grade with an open mind and a positive attitude!  

    (Will 4th grade be easy?  Will it be fun?  The answer to both of those questions lies within you!  I will strive to make learning fun each and every day, as well as to create a loving, warm environment for you to look forward to coming to each day.  If you work hard, and promise to give your best, you will be successful in 4th grade and have a spectacular year!)



    Supply List

    Please have the following supplies for the first day of school!

    1. Zipper pencil pouch to insert in binder
    2. Pack of # 2 Pencils
    3. Glue Sticks
    4. Dry Erase Markers (may have to be repurchased throughout the year)
    5. White Board Eraser-A Sock
    6. Pencil Box
    7. Five 2-pocket 3-Hole Punched Folders-Different Colors
    8. 5 Packs of Post-It Notes
    9. 2 Lined Notebooks
    10. Highlighters
    11. 2 Inch binder with ClearVue Front (please ensure all folders, agenda, and pencil pouch can fit inside)
    12. Colored Pencils