This site contains resources for our textbook, Journeys. Copy and paste it into your search engine.


    Reading: Our Reading/Language Arts Curriculum is called Journeys..   

    Accelerated Reader Book Finder -

    Our Language Arts program is entitled Journeys.  There is a website called Think Central that contains resources for the curriculum and is very easy to use.  To access the website, just follow these simple steps:

    1.) Go to

    2.) Click on Reading and Language Arts

    3.) Choose Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys

    4.) Enter our state, school district, and school name

    5.) Enter your login, which is the same as your computer login at school (first three letters of your last name, first three letters of your first name, 19).  The password is your student identification number that is used at lunch.  An example login would be smijoh19 for John Smith.

    6.) Once logged in, click on My Library to gain access to resources and study materials.

    It’s that easy!  This website is not only convenient for studying and practice, but it also has a full electronic version of your anthology and Practice Book!  The anthology pages are interactive and can even be read to you.  Each page of the anthology and Practice Book is also printable.  So, login, explore, and enjoy! 


    Remember, it is important that your child read daily for 20 minutes a night and apply the strategies and skills of an independent reader.

    Writing: Writing is an integral part of my curriculum. Therefore, students will be asked to write throughout the day to apply what they learned as well as write essays.


    Nightly Activities:

    Please ensure your child is reading nightly.  Just like dance, basketball, baseball, etc, in order to get better, one must practice.  The same holds true for learning.  In order to become a better reader, one must practice reading!!!