Mr. Davis's History Class - World History Seventh Grade

  • Welcome to Mr. R. Davis's  Teacher Page.  My contact information is listed below.


    Mr. R. Davis - History - 7th grade

    Room 109 in the Jr. Sr. High School


    Address: 310 Davis Street, Taylor, PA 18517  (if you e-mail please include a phone number and time when you can be called)


     You should have received an invitation to my 7th grade World History Google Classroom in your email.  If you didn't accept the invitation yet, please check your email and accept it now.

    All assignments can be found on my Google Classroom.


    1.  Log into your Google Homeroom class.

    2.  There is a Google meet link on the Google classroom banner at the top of the page.  Click on the link and choose "Join now" from the next page.

          You must go on the the Google meet from 7:51AM -7:58AM each day you are not physically present in class.

          This is for hybrid and virtual students.  This counts for your DAILY ATTENDANCE that gets reported to the office.

    ***** All students must go to their Homeroom Google meet link between 7:51AM and 7:58AM on Spetember 9, 10, and 11 and every other school day that you are not physically present in order to be marked present.


    Codes for Classes      

    1st period 4zzysrb

    2nd period tgoi2c5

    3rd period tjwqa4k

    4th-6th period omi7crm

    7th-8th period a3dzf3p

    9th period x64tlgc


    Classroom Rules and Regulations 

    Be on time.

    No gum or candy.

    Be prepared  - that means bring your book, notebook, chromebook,  and pen or pencil.

    Keep the room clean.  Pick up papers off of the floor, don't write on desks.

    When class starts have your books open, pencils sharpened, and be ready to work.  

    When you leave the classroom, leave it clean, push your seats in to the desk, and stay in your seat until I dismiss you.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

    Don't forget about 11th period when you can go to your teachers for help, but you need to be with a teacher.  11th period is not a time to hang out with your friends.