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    The Graphic Arts Classes are involved in an authentic learning experiences!      

        The class provides graphic services for the school district as well as the community.  This class is learning how to create and run a business.  They will be learning to determine the cost of production and the maintaining of machinery in order to develop a price for the services.  The Advance Graphics class has developed a Riverside store where they sell riverside products that they produce such as license plates, coffee mugs, and t-shirts. The class runs like a real business with the only difference being that there will not be a profit made from the service and products.  All money received will be used to replace materials and maintain equipment.  The non profit business will give the students an authentic learning experience that will be invaluable to their future success. 


    3D Printing Class

    Order Now!   

    Visit the

    The Riverside Store

    Buy Riverside License plate, coffee mugs, and other items designed and made by Riverside graphic arts students.

    You only pay for the cost of materials and machine maintenance!

    We can do graphic services for your business also!

    Tickets, Posters, Business cards, ect.




    Mr Feerrar - Industrial Technology -- 9 thru 12
    Room 505 in the Jr/Sr High School
    570-562-2121 option 9 ext 1175

    Address: 310 Davis Street, Taylor, PA 18517

    I update grades frequently on MSS you can contact me at the following