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Riverside Junior-Senior High School Nivel II Plan de instrucción - Versión con capacidad de traducción (haga clic en este enlace, luego use el botón Traducir en la parte superior de la página web)



If you are a current or incoming Riverside Junior-Senior High School student and plan to participate in Tier II Instruction, nothing is needed from you at this time.  


If you are a current or incoming Riverside Junior-Senior High School student and do not plan to participate in Tier II Instruction, but would prefer to participate in your regularly scheduled Riverside Junior-Senior High School classes via technology, you MUST call the High School Office at (570) 562-2121 Ext.  1117 or 1118 prior to August 14th.


Riverside Junior-Senior High School 

TIER II Instruction Plan


    Quarter 1 - First 45 Days of the School Year


Transportation to and from Riverside High School

 will NOT be provided for students during Tier II Instruction.




Students will be divided into a Group A and a Group B based upon their physical address.

Group A = Moosic & Avoca - Will physically attend on Days 1, 3 & 5

Group B = Taylor & Scranton - Will physically attend on Days 2, 4 & 6


Any student wishing to attend virtually 100% of the time, instead of physically attending on the rotational schedule, will be able to follow their daily schedule and participate in and earn credit for all classes they are scheduled to take.


Students must either physically attend in the Group A/Group B rotation or participate 100% virtually.



Attendance will be taken daily in homeroom by the homeroom/1st period teacher when 

students are physically present.

Attendance will be taken daily in the homeroom by the homeroom/1st period teacher when students are virtually present by students logging into the homeroom/first period teacher’s Google Meet between 7:51AM and 7:58 AM.  If a student does not log in during that time, he/she will be counted as absent unless the school’s main office is contacted by the student’s parent/guardian prior to 9 AM.  Once students log in, they are able to participate live or through recorded lessons through Google Meet/Classroom.




All students will receive virtual instruction from September 9, 2020 through  

September 11, 2020.  Each student will log into their Homeroom Google Meet between 7:51 AM and 7:58 AM for attendance purposes.  The Homeroom Google Meet for September 9, 10 & 11 will be with the teacher that the student has his/her classes with on each Day 1.


The first day of live “in school” instruction for Group A will be on September 14th.  The first day of live “in school” instruction for Group B will be on September 15th.  All students not physically attending will log into their Homeroom Google Meet between 7:51 AM and 7:58 AM for attendance purposes.


Live instruction will occur daily for the group that is physically present and for the students participating from home, if the students at home wish to participate at the same time.  All students should bring their Chromebooks, fully charged, to school when they are physically present at school.  The live instruction lesson component may consist of the live recording of the educator conducting the lesson or utilizing screen share and audio for a period of time necessary to cover the direct instruction or demonstration portion of lessons.  This could range anywhere between 15 minutes and 20 minutes in most cases.  This component of the instructional process will be recorded and posted for students at home to watch/interact with prior to physically attending the next day.  The lesson materials and worksheets/assignments will be posted, at the latest, prior to the live instruction on the day the lesson is presented. 

Students not physically present may participate live through Google Meet or watch the 

recorded version and participate through Google Classroom.  Assignments are due according to each teacher’s deadline.  It is each student’s responsibility to participate and complete all assignments and activities assigned including the days he/she is not physically present.


Primary educational content and instructional focus areas will be posted to each educator’s Google Classroom courses.  Google Classroom courses will be organized into instructional units.  Students participating from home will follow each educator’s daily lesson plan during Tier II.  Students will know what the objective of each lesson is and how they will achieve the objective.  Homework and other assignments will be posted as well.  Learning activities, inclusive of readings/texts, videos, etc. shall be posted under materials.


Riverside HS Safety Protocols During Tier II


  • Masks or facial coverings will be worn at all times six feet of social distance cannot be maintained.  Mask will be worn:
  1. While moving between classes and anytime in the hallway
  2. While in the nurse’s office, main office, guidance office, etc.
  3. In class if an activity reduces social distance to less than six feet
  4. While in any line or in any waiting area.
  • Fever scanning will occur each morning upon arrival to school by walking through a scanning station.
  • Students will be allowed to carry bookbags and are recommended to use their lockers as sparingly as possible.
  • Students will be allowed to carry water bottles as the water fountains will be closed.
  • Students will not change for gym class during Tier II instruction.
  • When possible, classroom doors and windows will be open.
  • Parents must check their child for symptoms of the Covid-19 prior to the students arrival at school.  Students with symptoms MUST stay home and may participate daily through Google Classroom.  Students who stay at home due to having Covid-19 symptoms will not be marked as absent as long as they log into the morning Homeroom Google Meet and complete their work. 
  • There will be disciplinary consequences for behavior that has the potential to jeopardize the health and safety of others.
  • Desks will be disinfected nightly with an antimicrobial solution and will be disinfected and sanitized throughout the day.
  • Classroom seating charts will be rotated by class period when possible.
  • 7th and 8th grade students will use two different stairwells going between the upstairs and downstairs areas of the high school.  7th grade students will use the stairwell at the end of the senior hallway.  8th grade students will use the stairwell at the end of the junior hallway.