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New Portal for accessing Student Grade Progress Reports and Schedules

Letters will be sent home soon with information on how to setup a Parent account to access our new Parent Portal - VISION. This portal provides access to information such as your child’s Grade Progress Reports, Attendance, and more. A sample of the letter is below. 


Dear Parent,
This letter is to inform you that our school’s Online Parent Portal access is called VISION, developed by Computer Resources Inc.  This Parent Portal allows parents/guardians access to information regarding their child.  If you decide to use this service, you may access various types of information regarding your child; information such as Grades, Attendance, etc.

Please check the Parent EMAIL field below.   If this is not the correct email address or no email address is listed, STOP the setup process and contact your child’s school office secretary before you proceed at 570-562-2121.  A valid email address must be added to the computer system before you can proceed.

In order for you to access your child's information, you will need to establish a parent portal account.  If you wish to create an account, please use your computer's Internet browser to go to the following website:  
Or, you can visit , go to your child’s school, and select “For Parents”.
After accessing the website above, click in the box    CREATE PARENT ACCOUNT”.
Enter the following information EXACTLY as shown below:
Parent First Name:               ___________________________
Parent Last Name:                ___________________________
Parent Login User Name:                        (You create your User name)
Student’s        ID Number:    __________________
Parent email:                          ­­­­­_________________________________________
You will create only ONE account using the student ID number listed above.  Once you have created your account, you will be able to add your other children to that account if the Parent contact information is identical.
After you create the account, you will receive an email, click on the link in the email, you will immediately be required to set the password to one of your own choice.  Once you are logged on, you will see the name of your child whose ID number you entered when you created the account.  If you go to the My Accounts tab, click on “more…”, then “Students”, you will be able to add your other children to your account.  You will need to know their ID numbers.  If you do not know them, please contact the building Secretary of your child’s school and they will be able to help.
If you have questions or concerns you would like to discuss, please call or email me and I'll be happy to assist you.
Mrs. Chisdock
District Technology Coordinator