• Welcome to the Riverside School District's Special Education Department

    Below are a list of the staff that work in this department


    Director of Special Education:  Kristin Samsell

    Special Education Secretary:  Ann Marie Moran

    School Psychologist:  Whitney Jones

    Speech Therapists: Kathy Vitale and Michelle Basalyga

    Occupational Therapist: Suzanne Derenick


    Autistic Support Teacher (West k-2):  Heather DeNinno

    Life Skills Teacher (West k-2):  Brittany Prelock

    Learning Support Teacher (West K-2):  Lori McCullon

    Autistic Support Teacher (East 3-6):  Caitlin Mattioli

    Emotional Support (East 3-6):  Kelly Osmolia

    Learning Support Teachers (East):  Neena Hurley (3 -4), Janet Grace (5), and Elizabeth Dempsey (6)

    Learning Support Teachers (High School): Dianne Hadduck (7), Melissa DiStasi (8), Kristy Howey (9-12), Jessican Trescavage (9-12), Kaitlyn Yngelmo (9-12)

    Life Skills Teacher(High School 9-12): Kim Weidow

    Emotional Support Teacher (High School 7-12):  Tanya Davis



    Please feel free to contact the Special Education Department with any questions or concerns.

    Phone Number:  570-562-2121 ext 1126

    Email:  ksamsell@riversidesd.com