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    Kindness Wall

    Hello Everyone!
    I am so excited to announce and introduce the Riverside West Kindness Wall! We are going to enter into a month long trial of uplifting each other! Its quick, easy and so powerful!
    Here is our School Kindness Wall link:
    Here's how it works! 
    STEP 1: SUBMIT MESSAGE - Staff, parents and students use the form at the bottom of your Kindness Wall link to submit a kind and positive message of any kind, with or without a picture. 
    STEP 2: APPROVE MESSAGE - Upon receiving your message, I (Nicole) will receive an email with your message for approval. 
    STEP 3: VIEW MESSAGE - The Rotating Display of Approved Messages is located at the top of your Kindness Wall web page link, and it will automatically update itself every 10 minutes with newly APPROVED messages.  The board will display 100 messages on a rotating basis. After the 101st message comes in, the oldest message drops off. 
    ** There are tv monitors placed in the cafeteria and lobby of the school. The kindness wall can also be displayed on the smart boards, and viewed on individual computers!
    ** You can even save the kindness wall link you your phone's homescreen and access the wall at any time! 
    STEP 4: INVITE PARTICIPATION - Staff and parents are now invited to post messages. We will be teaching the children how to use the kindness wall as part of our SEL and PBIS initiatives in school. Once they are introduced to the expectations, they will be able to post messages as well! 
    EXAMPLES of how we will engage and challenge ourselves to UPLIFT each other: 
    *** STAFF TO STAFF MORALE - The faculty uses the platform to uplift one another, and they have the messages displayed on a TV Monitor in the lobby and cafeteria.
    *** STAFF TO STUDENT MORALE - The faculty uses the platform to praise students for jobs well done, and they have the messages displayed on facility TV Monitors, Classroom Smart Boards, and/or School Social Media platform. 
    *** STUDENT ASSIGNMENT - Ex. Teachers select one student in their class once a week... and the rest of the students write positive messages about that student.  They then display the messages on their classroom Smart Boards and/or facility monitors.
    *** PARENT TO STAFF & STUDENT MORALE - Parents are encouraged to participate by anonymously uplifting staff or students. The messages can then be displayed on your school website and/or social media.
    *** DOWNTIME ACTIVITY/ STUDENT TO STAFF MORALE - Allow students to write messages about each other or about their Teachers and place them everywhere (facility monitors, smart boards, chromebooks, social media, school website, mass emails, digital newsletters...)
    STEP 5: DISPLAY - There is a FULL SCREEN MODE button in the middle of your Kindness Wall web page link.  This allows you to place your Rotating Display of Approved Messages on classroom Smart Boards, hallway or cafeteria Smart TVs, or cast them to any regular facility TV monitor & view through any internet social media platform. You can even share our wal with others! 
     Here are a couple of informational video links for your review. 
    - YouUplift Demo Video (explains why the platform is used): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk4SyH5ktsE
    - YouUplift Samples Video (real messages from 2021 to show how schools are using it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrhs3Xd3Ypw&t=83s
    I absolutely can't wait to see the power of kindness work its magic on the staff and students of Riverside West this month! 
    Nicole VanLuvender 😊

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