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    Hello Everyone!  Starting Wednesday April 22, 2020, I will be posting all my assignments to my Goggle classroom.  You can join my classroom just like how you joined other classrooms.  Here are my classroom codes:

    Kindergarten:  uif3gs7

    1st grade:  dk2pldk

    2nd grade:  r3u6rvb

    3rd Grade:  beakjzz

    4th grade:  pwmroeh

    5th grade:  3zvqcf7

    6th grade:  ptzmita


    All assignments are mandatory and will be graded.  When you are finished with the assignment, just click done.  IF you would like to share your artwork with me that would be FANTASTIC!!!  However, it is NOT mandatory to share your artwork. 


    Stay healthy, Stay safe, Stay creative


    Cick the link below to visit my google classroom....

    google classroom access



    Office Hours:  Attention all Parents... Should you have any questions/concerns, I will be available Monday-Friday from 12:00-4:00 through email.  I will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Email:  Cmoniak@riversidesd.com





    Assignments for the week of April 13th-17th

    Assignments for the week of April 6th-10th 

     March 30th-April 6th K-6th activities  

    Assignment for the week of March 16th





    Jason Hackenwerth is a sculptor and performance artist who uses balloons to create large-scale invented creatures that resemble strange animals, insects, and micro-organisms.  Drawing upon his years of experience as a children's entertainer, Hackenwerth creates his creatures on location by blowing up hundreds, sometimes thousands of balloons and stringing them together in unusual forms.  As with all balloon art, Hackenwerth's works slowely deflate over time, which he sees as mirroring the natural life process of all living things. 

    Check out his website...its really cool



















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