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    COVID 19 Remote Learning

    Hello Families and Students,

         I first want to tell you all how much I miss each and every one of you!  I truly miss all the fun we have in class and I am super proud of all the progress you have made throughout the year!  I am confident that I will see all your smiling faces soon and our fun will continue.  In the meantime, I hope you are all taking the time to spend quality time with your families and making the best of our current situation.

            This week (March 30-April 3) we are going to review the first five passages you received in the packet you picked up.  If you did not pick them up, the link is on the bottom of this page.  We will do this through our Zoom meeting in the beginning starting on March 30th(See information below).  I will just simply ask if there were any questions or concerns that I could answer and then move on.  These are strictly intervention just working on standards we have covered.

             The following are reading passages for you to continue to work on.  Remote Learning Passages for April 6-9th.  If you do not have a printer, you can use  This app allows you to write directly into PDF documents or google docs from a google drive/google classroom.   

             As you are doing them, please remember the format we have been implementing in the classroom--read each passage 3 times.  The first time is to get a general gist of what the passage is about.  The second time is to get a deeper understanding of what the passage is saying by asking questions, making inferences, evaluating, connecting, summarizing, and monitoring/clarifying.  The third time is when you go back to find the answers for the questions.  Our main goal is for you to continue reading while applying reading strategies and skills we have already learned. 

             In addition, please, PLEase, PLEASE continue to read nightly and take the AR tests.  During the summer, students usually regress in their reading ability due to not reading and we truly do not want to see this happen during this time, so read, read, read!  If you are running out of books at home, you can access tunble book library at Tumble Books or simply type tumble books.   The username is riversideelem and password is ebooks.   Another resource is Sebco books.  The username is keepreading and the password is sebco with ID number 1.  In addition to reading and completing work from your other teachers, get up, get out in your yards and play and be kids!

         In addition to the passages I will be uploading, please remember you can utilize ConnectEd.  Every student has a username and password.  I have assigned leveled readers, practice games, and practice with data reporting for each student.  This is a great resource to use as it directly covers the material they have already learned. Here is some ionformation on how to access those resources.  ConnectEd Resource Guide

         Two other reading resources you can access online are Readworks and Newslea.  These two sites offer nonfiction passages and multiple choice and open ended questions related to the passages.  You do have to sign up, but it is free.  What is great about these sites, are they offer articles on a variety of different reading interests (sports, animals, arts, science, etc).

         If your child receives Title I services you can also check out Mrs. Brennan's teacher webpage for information on how to access her Google Classroom.

         One last thing Mrs. Penn and I are going to read a chapter book with the kids.  This would be considered an enrichment opportunity.  We would have to do it on a the platform Zoom.  With Zoom, parents will have to create an account for them.  By doing it on a platform like this, it will be in real time, thus as I am reading it, we could discuss, we will get to see each other, and students will be able to be in touch with one another.  We are aiming for 10:00 each day, but this may change.  As you all know I am a mom to 2 children, so I have to see if I can keep them occupied.  If it doesn't work, I will have to change the time to 5 or 6:00 when my husband is home from work.   We also each have 25 copies of the book, so if there are some students that would like to read along as we read aloud, we can get those books to you on a first come first serve basis.  In addition, you can downloafd the Kindle App on a phone or IPAD and find it on there for free.  However, with or without a book, they could still participate.  Fingers crossed we can figure this out because I really miss my kids and I really miss teaching.  Here is an attachment of questions they could work on about Hatchet after we read each chapter if they would like. Hatchet  

     Please check the "Classroom New" page for Zoom links and directions for Hatchet.


         Office Hours: If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me 3 different ways at any time:


        2. Remind-

               Blue- enter the number 81010 and text @elablue20

              Red-enter the number 81010 and text @elared20

            White-enter the number 81010 and text @elawhite2

        3. Phone- Contact me through Remind or email and I will provide you with my phone number




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