Mrs. Basalyga's Class - Speech and Language Support

  • UPDATE- 4/22/2020

    Hi Everyone,

    Starting 4/22/2020, we are  moving to mandatory learning.  Thank you to those who have responded to my invite to my goggle classroom.  I will be posting assignments on my google classroom starting tomorrow- 4/22/2020.  For those who have not responded, here are some suggestions below on how to do that. I encourage all of my students to respond and complete the assignments to increase your speech and language skills.

    Did you know that there is a Google Classroom app available through the app Store for Apple devices  and Google Play for other devices?  It makes navigating the virtual classrooms easier and faster!  Download the FREE app from the App store or Google Play from the link below.


     Some of my students were invited into more than one classroom depending on your goals and needs.  Please respond to all weekly assignments with "turned in ", so I know that you have completed it.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me through talking  points or email and I will respond within 24 hours.  

    Stay safe, 

    Ms. Basalyga





    Update- 4/13/2020



    I hope this continues to find you and your family healthy and safe.  For all of my students, please refer to my teacher site on the Resource page  to work with your child to maintain their articulation skills, vocabulary, grammar, pragmatic and fluency  skills.  These lessons are for both for East and the Jr./Sr. High school.     Please refer to your child's IEP as to what their goals are.   I will be available for all questions sent to my email and will respond via phone or email, whichever you prefer. If you perfer to be called, please include your phone number  in your email.  I have loved hearing from those that responded via talking points!  Keep up your hard work and stay safe!


    Welcome to Ms. Basalyga's Teacher Page.
     I will be providing speech and language therapy at Riverside East Elementary and at Riverside Jr/Sr High School.  Practice at home is encouraged to reinforce newly learned skills and to reinforce carryover of speech and language skills into the classroom and home environment.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child.   I reinforce completed homework that is signed by a parent or guardian with stickers and completed sticker charts with prizes.  Please  feel free to contact me  if you have any questions or concerns at  562-2121 ext 3312.


    Ms. Michelle Basalyga
    Riverside East Elementary
    School & Kreig Street
    Moosic PA,
    570-562-2121. Ext 3312