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  • Welcome to Mr. Aniska's Sixth Grade Math Class


    Third quarter parent/teacher conferences will be held virtually on Monday, April 19th from 12:15-3:15.

    Use the following link to sign up:

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    Hello, and Welcome Back! My name is Mr. Aniska. I am a 6th grade math teacher at Riverside Elementary East. Due to the current pandemic and COVID19 safety precautions, I will be providing daily instruction both in the classroom and online to follow our hybrid education model. Whether you are in class or at home, my math classes will be live-streamed using Google Meet.

    For Homeroom:

    Every morning from 8:40 to 9:00 AM, I will activate a Google Meet link that will be used to take attendance for any student that is learning VIRTUALLY that day.

    This Google Meet link will appear on the top banner of my "Homeroom" Google Classroom. This link should be joined by all fully VIRTUAL students, as well as all HYBRID students on days when they are learning VIRTUALLY. Students that intend to be absent or are out sick for the day should not attend the morning Google Meet.

    My homeroom students do not need to stay on the Google Meet for the full 20 minutes. They just need to make an appearance so I can mark them present for the day.


    Google Classroom Homeroom Link


    Math classes will be live streamed using Google Meet at the regular class times. The Google Meet link is located in the Google Math Classroom banner. The live streams will be recorded and posted at the end of the school day.


    Google Classroom Math Link

     Please accept your class invitations if you haven't already.


    I can be contacted through Google Classroom or through e-mail at at any time.