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  • Welcome to Mr. Aniska's Sixth Grade Math Class


    ***Please access your Google Classroom using the links provided. If you are having trouble logging in to Google classroom, you can e-mail me for further instructions. I included the class code in case you need it.***


    All assignments are optional and will not be graded.


    There are currently four unit review kahoot games assigned on Google Classroom. Please play one per day and click submit when you are finished. When playing Kahoot, please use your first and last name so I know who is playing and how many points you earned. There is also a review worksheet for each day next week. You can type your answers on the doc and submit it through Google Classroom


    If you have any questions, I may be contacted at . I will be responding to e-mails from 9AM - 3PM during the week.


    Periods 3/4 - Class Code jn3aduz

    Periods 5/6 - Class Code kydwllf

    Periods 8/9 - Class Code ozskhs4