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    Welcome 4th Grade Social Studies Students & Families!  I miss each and everyone of you and look forward to seeing you again ASAP, but in the meantime just remember, "You can keep Pennsylvanians inside, but you can't keep Pennsylvania outside!"  I hope you're all doing well!

      Bertha (our 17 year-old classroom fish) is being well taken care of and is fine!  Special thanks to Ricky, our school maintenance worker, who is seeing to this!   


    As of March 25th, use this page to check for any new assignments added for Mr. Murphy's Social Studies class.  Please contact Mr. Murphy at with any questions pertaining to the assignments, etc. I will be checking my email throughout the day, each day, to assist. Please type the student's (your child's) name in the subject box of your email. 

    Complete pages from the LETTER A DAY packet which went home already if you haven’t yet, beginning Monday, March 30. If you have completed it then review it this week. Also, look for updates on this page throughout the week of March 30th. Do not begin the new packet until April 6th. The new packet can be found below by clicking on. 

    Please note: There are some useful links below the assignment link, including the music for the PA state song. Feel free to send an email to my school account of you and any family members singing this wonderful song:  If you do send me a video, it might hit the world one day, so I'm leaving this up to you (optional)! I'm looking forward to hearing some great talent from so many of my wonderful students out there!  I am attaching a copy of the song lyrics to the packet.

    As an incentive, any work completed at home should be brought back to school if you want to qualify for the contests. Between the first "2-week work packet" made available to everyone last week and any work assigned from this day on, the students will be rewarded in the areas of art, neatness and knowledge. For example, if you did not color any sheets in a packet, don't expect to qualify for that reward. Basically, what I'm saying is that when I go to reward a certain activity packet page, it needs to be completed in order to qualify. Much of this will be done "randomly" using our PBIS random button upon your return. The students know how this works!  You will not be punished for missing work, but will not be rewarded for it either. "Everyone" can do "something" in terms of what I'm assigning, so I should see "everyone" having "something" completed.  In fact, "someone" can even have "everything" completed!  Now doesn't that increase your winning chances!   


    It is recommended that you complete the following pages within a 2-week period, beginning on April 6th:  (Click on below for enrichment assignment sheets/reading materials, etc.) Day 1 - First two pages (Walking purchase/Click on video below.)  Day 2 - We'll Make a Mint (click on making money video below: choose the first one) Day 3 - Steeley Pennsylvania (Click on video on making steel below)  Day 4 - The Historic Mile  Day 5 - Digging for Profit and PA's Party Parks  Day 6 - The Liberty Bell (using context clues to solve word meanings) There is a video below on how to draw the Liberty Bell.  Day 7 - Design your won Diamante on PA  Day 8 - The Quakers of PA  Day 9 - PA Through the Years  Day 10 - Create your own State Quarter (I can't wait to see these designs!)  Use the text book you have at home to help assist as needed. The additional sheets can be read for further knowledge. (Birth of a Snake, Harrisburg: PA's Capital City and Agriculture in PA)  As always, use context clues wherever necessary. Basically, create a "blank" where the unknown word is(If you still can't decode it) and think of another word that would make sense in the blank. This could possibly be a "synonym" for the missing word and can lead you to better comprehension of the passage. Parents may assist with any of the passages and/or directions. You know your child best! Stay tuned for more input from me on this page!  (Click on the link below for the enrichment work.) If you are unable to print out the sheets, simply write the answers to any questions on lined paper. To keep things organized, write the title of the assignment on the top of the lined paper. Good luck and stay-tuned!  


    Click here: Enrichment Work During Shutdown March-April 2020


    Scroll down for more sites, including the PA song site.  Several links below go along with lessons in the packet. Parents, I recommend that your child visit each link after completing the activity page which coorelates with it. 



     Fourth Grade Trip to Eckley Miners' Village November 2019

    Eckley Miners' Village 2019


    Click on: How Money is Made 

    Draw the Liberty Bell:

    Click on: How Steel is Made

    Sing the PA State Song:


    Click on: The Walking Purchase 



    A blast from the past! Check out the Eckley Webpage!




    For fun..."Miles of Mules" site below: