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    Updated June 10 - Congratulations to the following students for winning the online contests in my class:  Winners of the contest which was held early on with our review packets are: Luke D, Jack D, Cayden P, Ella M, Arionna B, Addison S, Paul B and Andrew C   Winners of the contest from the Lackawanna Historical Society website are: Raigan M, Katherine R, Brea G and Austin H  Prizes will be mailed to the winners next week!  Also, all participants will be mailed a consolation prize too! I am so proud that so many of you participated!  I hope you all have a safe and fun summer vacation!


    Updated Wednesday, May 27th: I have added the Lackawanna Historical Society's website to my "Classroom News" page for fun enrichment! Go to the "Classroom News" page to participate in a new contest! Some new photos will be added too, which go along with what you've been learning lately! 


    Title One students can visit Mrs. Brennan's webpage for her activities. Any information you need for her class will be posted there. My office hours will be from 10 A.M. - 2 P.M.  Monday - Friday.  If you have any questions regarding the assignment or anything else, email me at  

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    Click on the class news page for additional, local information that goes along well with our Chapter 8 on "The Industrial Giant Arrives in Pennsylvania." This page is optional, but fun since it is history that took place right near our boroughs of Moosic and Taylor. 

    Beginning Wednesday, April 23rd, our class assignments will be mandatory. It is vital that all students join in my google classroom using the following code: ezw3zpi  Email me at with any questions. Be sure to put the student's name in the subject box, so I am familiar with it.  If you do not have a 4th grade Social Studies book at home, email me at and I will make arrangements to get one to your house. Please put the student's name in the subject box of the email, so that I can identify with it. You will need one for more learning to take place. Most students have one at home already. I do have a list of names of those who were given a book back in the fall and most recently (the last day we had actual school). Parents: Check your child's bookbags and your house first. It might be there. 

    Congratulations to: 

    Evan S, Andrew C, Luke D, Paul B, Cayden P, Jack D, Lily L, Quinn C, Kennedy S, Raigan M, Frankie W, Evan P, Addison, Cassie I, Arionna B and Ella M!  

    They all answered correctly on Friday and will have their names put into the raffle! See answers below. Unfortunately, this contest has ended. This is not to say I won't be adding similar activities through my google classroom in the future! You may still create your own PA State Quarter from the packet if you would like to. Just put it away and show it to me next year!  I would like to see them. I advise parents/guardians to check back with this page on a daily basis for updates (work due, etc.) related to my class. I am trying to keep things simple; between "this page" and my google classroom, you should stay on track on a daily basis. Email me with any concerns and I will get back to you ASAP with a response. I will keep the very "top" of this page as my daily reminders. If nothing has changed, then nothing has changed.  By the way, I have your raffle entries and will hold this raffle in the future.  Look for the announcement of it on this page!  Congratulation to those of you who participated. Many of you did so on a daily basis! 


    This is some of the fun we had learning/relearning during the first two weeks. 

    What year was New Sweden established near Philadelphia?  1638

    What year was the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia?  1787

    What year was the Battle of Gettysburg?  1863

     *Math Twist!  Penn was 23 years old when he joined the Society of Friends. Is 23 prime or composite? Explain. (Hint: Think of its "factors.")  23 is prime because it has exactly 2 facotrs; 1 and 23 

     *ELA Twist!  In the sentence: He maintained peace with the Indians.   Which of the following words can take the place of "maintained" in the sentence without changing the meaning?   kept     cleaned  or  kept  or  fixed

      Name the PA state bird.  Ruffed Grouse

     name the PA state fish.  Brook Trout

     Name the PA  state flower.  Mountain Laurel

      Which word means shaping molten metal in a mold?  cast

     Which word means to write or carve on something?  inscribe

     Which word means a person or animal that lives in or occupies a place?  inhabitant 

     What type of coal can be found all over western Pennsylvania?  Bituminous

     *ELA Twist!  There are common nouns and proper nouns. Using one of the nouns mentioned, tell why the amusement parks mentioned in the "PA Party Parks" passage are all capitalized.  Write your response in complete sentence form.  Sample answer: The names of the parks are specific names, which makes them proper nouns. Proper nouns must be capitalized. 

     *Math Twist! The Steel Force rollercoaster plummets 205 feet. Explain why 205 is a "multiple of" 5. Sample answer:  Numbers having a 5 or 0 in the ones column can all be multiples of 5. 205 is "divisible by" 5 because when you divide 205 by 5 there is no remainder. 

     Name the man who founded the steel company mentioned in the passage.  Andrew Carnegie  (Car'-nay-gee)

     What happened to Pennsylvania industries during the Great Depression?  Indutries "declined" during the Great Depression

     *ELA/Critical Thinking twist   Why do you suppose there are mainly "facts" and no "opinions" in the passage?  (Clue: Use either the word "fiction" or "non-fiction" in your response.)  (sample response) There are many facts because the passage in non-fiction.  The "authors purpose" was to inform the reader about the steel industry of Pennsylvania. 

     Since when has the Philadelphia Mint been producing coins? 1700s

     Give the "last names" of the four men whose Congressional Gold Medals were produced at the Philadelphia Mint.  Washington, Wayne, Lindbergh and Louis (names from the attached packet below)

    *ELA twist  "The Philadelphia Mint has been producing coins since the late 1700s."  Is this sentence a fact or opinion? fact

     The statue atop Philadelphia City Hall is this founder of Pennsylvania.  William Penn

     Many years of friendship between the Indians (Native Americans) and The Quaker settlers ended because the Indians felt they were _________ because runners were hired, instead of simply walking.  Cheated

     *(Math twist) In the passage it states: One man ran 60 miles! Give me a number that when rounded to the “nearest ten” would be 60! Not everyone will necessarily have the same answer, but all may be correct!  possible correct responses: 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61, 62, 63, 64 

     Name the three local rivers named by Native Americans (from your packet). Susquehanna, Lackawanna and Lackawaxan 

    Where can you find a replica of the Stourbridge Lion?  Wayne County Historical Society Museum in Honesdale 

    What local structure was said to be the “world’s largest” when it was built in 1915? Nicholson Viaduct (sometimes referred to as Tunkhannock Viaduct)

     What year did the electric trolley begin running in Scranton?  1886

     Who was the local Hall of Fame baseball great who played for the NY Giants?  Christy Mathewson

    Name the railroad that ran “down hill” which includes a science term (pulling towards earth) in its name. Gravity RR

     Here's a comprehension tip as you read:  As always, use context clues wherever necessary. This is a skill that we practiced in SS class. Basically, create a "blank" where the unknown word is (If you still can't decode it) and think of another word that would make sense in the blank. This could possibly be a "synonym" for the missing word and can lead you to better comprehension of the passage. Parents may assist with any of the reading. You know your child best! 


    Old stuff: Enrichment Work During Shutdown March-April 17 2020


    Scroll down for more sites, including the PA song site.  Several links below go along with lessons in the packet. Parents, I recommend that your child visit each link after completing the activity page which coorelates with it. 


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     Fourth Grade Trip to Eckley Miners' Village November 2019

    Eckley Miners' Village 2019


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