Room 140 - @ Riverside Elementary West School


    Fourth Grade Trip to Eckley Miners' Village November 2019

    Eckley Miners' Village 2019



    Looking forward to a great 19-20 School Year!



    Welcome to Mr. Murphy's 4th Grade Pennsylvania History (Social Studies) Class!  A schedule will be coming home soon!  Visit my website and check out the class news page nightly for information (homework, test dates and other fun things)! 


    Click on the Classroom News Page for daily updates/homework.

    Things to consider as you begin the new year...

    ~ No more than 5 pencils (ink pens will be used occasionally with special permission from Mr. M  Lead pens are okay unless they become toys)


    ~ 2-3 pocket folders

    ~1-2 rubber erasers

    ~ 1-2 hi-liters

    ~ No need for 5-subject notebooks/we supply lined paper

    ~ water bottles (no colored water) are welcomed unless they become musical instruments

    ~ mini-sharpeners are welcomed as long as shavings land in the waste paper basket

    Let's get the books covered within a few days of receiving themBooks will be passed out as we begin actual subject matter.

    Mr. Murphy's class's search engine below:

    Other useful sites throughout the year that the students will eventually be introduced to:

    P.H.M.C. below:








     Check back daily for updates and class news!


    Additional sites to check out below:

    (sites will be added throughout the year to enhance subject matter and  activities planned)


    Check out the Eckley Webpage!




    "Miles of Mules" site below: