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    UPDATED: 4/17  All students have been added to google classroom.  All you need to do to get started is log-in to google with your UN and PW as shown below in the directions for Google Classroom log-in and go to google classroom!  Our science classroom should be there for you!


    Past assignments from the last few weeks will have due dates set for tomorrow night--they DO NOT need to be completed.  Start fresh on Monday!

    There will be due dates on NEW assignments set for two weeks. You'll have two weeks to complete them starting every Sunday night. All weekly assignments will be posted as of Sunday night at 9pm. ANY time in the two weeks following the post, you may do them. I will continue to post almost daily--screencasts, national days, fun stuff, whatever to stay in touch--and you will receive participation points when you respond to these questions. You must respond to them BY THE DUE DATE POSTED and they will be marked **GRADED** if they are MANDATORY. I do not care if you respond to them all in one day, but you need to respond by the due date if you want the credit for participating.


    Remember that all assignments, even if it is simply clicking the "turn in" button, are GRADED as per Mr. Brennan. What this will mean is that some assignments will be graded as a "quiz", with a worksheet, form, or drawing to fill in. Most of these will be worth 10 points. Some assignments will be graded as "completed", such as a question to answer or a "turn in" button for watching a video--these will be worth between 1 to 5 points. ALL of your grades will be visible in google classroom at any time. Nothing is weighted--quizzes are not worth 40% and participation 20%. Everything is out of total points. You SHOULD do your best on every assignment.

    There are hundreds of videos on youtube showing how to use google classroom.  I will post some "How-To Use Google Classroom" videos before Wednesday on my stream in google classroom.  If you need help logging in--contact me on REMIND or view Mrs. Insalaca's webpage which explains how to login!  

    Finally, we are braving this together, folks! We are all in this together! There is a place on EVERY assignment to contact me by private comment. Having a problem? CONTACT me. Struggling with google classroom? CONTACT me. Don't have enough time to complete an assignment? CONTACT me. I WILL contact you and comment on assignments using PRIVATE comment--PLEASE read them and respond.

    Thank you! I love you all! I am looking forward to this super exciting time, even if its different!


    Well, we're off to an excellent start to week two of our Online Activities and Science learning!  Please join me on Google Classroom--the directions to log-on are below!  A whole new set of review activities about Energy have been posted as of 4/5, but all the activities for last week are still there with no due dates so that anyone can join us at any time!  Also, if we get 90 students to join our google classroom, I will record someone pie-ing me in the face! LOL  


           Info for accessing FOSS (both online activities and the student book):

                Go to FOSSweb or   

                Login using UN: Grade4ScienceRugletic  (be sure to use caps!)

                                  PW: GoVikings

                Students can access the three different FOSS modules: Motion & Matter (from Sept/Oct), Energy (Nov-Feb), and even Environment, which we will be working on beginning this coming week.  The info to access are all videos and activities we will be using in class.  



           Info for accessing Google Classroom (where all OTHER activites will be updated consistently).

                Go to  OR just go to google and click the dots in the upper-right corner and find classroom.  

                     Login to google using your school Username followed by Example: 

                     PW is the same as the school login.

                     Use the following classroom code to find our science classroom: dteqdeg

                     On this website, you will find links, activities, videos, games, and assignments to turn in all based on coursework that we have completed this year and some new environment concepts!  


           To access the answer keys for the 2 PSSA Prep Packets that were in the Pick-up Folders AND download a really awesome NATURE JOURNAL that a great friend of mine created--

                Click on "My Science Classwork" on the Toolbar on the Left.  There is a link for a word file called PSSA Prep Answers AND the Nature Journal!  Special thanks to Mr. Womelsdorf for that creation!


          Are we still doing the Science Fair?

                YES!  Continue working on your science fair project!  If we are not back in school, we will find a way to Zoom, record video of them, or SOMETHING!  Never fear, we will figure out something!  If you need to alter yours in any way or, of course, no longer work in groups due to social distancing, please feel free!  No one is going to complain!


          Also!  If you are one of Mrs. Brennan's Title Students, you can now access Science and Social Studies materials for FREE on iXL!  See her webpage or feel free to email her with questions!

    ALL of the updates for the page (assignments, updates, etc.) will be made over the REMIND app; this is especially true for my HOMEROOM.  I do not overuse remind, but it is very helpful for reminding about quizzes, upcoming events in the school, or things that are due back. 

    PLEASE SIGN UP FOR REMIND if you are not already signed up!  Particularly for science! When something new goes up, I'll send a remind out.   There are two separate REMIND classrooms to join on the left-hand navigation bar.  One will be for science (found on the Science Page), the other ONLY if you are in my homeroom (found on the Homeroom News page).


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or issues if they arise--I am very approachable!  You can get ahold of me at my email address at, Google Classroom, or via REMIND.  I usually respond to emails within a few hours, and on Remind MUCH faster as it goes right to my cell.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.


    Miss R   

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