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       For Parent-Teacher Conferences--Click Here for the sign-up sheet! All conferences will be held on Thursday, April 7, from 12:15-2:25 PM.  Please use the above link to sign up.  You can use your child's Google meet link here during your scheduled time from their chromebook or from our Google Classroom.  There are few slots, so be sure to sign up if you want a conference!

    Welcome to 4th Grade Science!

           This year, we will be using a combination of Google Classroom and Notebooks to further our learning in the realm of SCIENCE!   I'm so excited to be sharing the 4th grade curriculum with all of you because it is awesome!  To access Google Classroom, go to  You will receive an invite to access my classroom if you are in 4th grade!  All YOU need to do is accept that invite and you're in!  Get ready for some super fun science this year!

           Also, several parents have asked what school supplies you need!  A pen or a pencil is perfect.  LOL  If you REALLY want to you can bring a composition notebook to put your name on for a science notebook, but we have plenty of them here!


           Info for accessing Google Classroom (where all activites will be updated daily).

                Go to  OR just go to google and click the snowman dots in the upper-right corner and find classroom.  

                     Login to google using your school Username followed by Example: 

                     PW is the same as the school login.

                     Your child will need to click on our Science Class labeled 4 Science Periods 1-9.  They will not need to put in a class code as they will already be entered.  Once the schedules are completed, all your students will be entered!



           Info for accessing FOSS (both online activities and the student book):

                Go to FOSSweb or   

                Login using UN: rugleticgrade4  

                                  PW: ilovescience           


    PLEASE SIGN UP FOR REMIND.  There are two separate REMIND classrooms to join on the left-hand navigation bar.  One will be for science class related things (found on the Science Page), the other ONLY if you are in my homeroom (found on the Homeroom News page).


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or issues if they arise--I am very approachable!  You can get ahold of me at my email address at, Google Classroom, or via REMIND.  I usually respond to emails within a few hours, and on Remind MUCH faster as it goes right to my cell.  If you use google classroom, posting on one of my posts will send me an email, but posting on the stream will not, so it is best to comment on one of MY posts! Please feel free to contact me at any time.  


    Miss R   

    apollo me