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  •  Welcome to Mrs. Penn 4th Grade ELA class! 


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                                  COVID 19 Remote Learning


    Hello Families and Students,


            We are now entering Phase II of the Continuity of

    Education.  As per Mr. Brennan's announcement, this phase is

    MANDATORY, with NEW material being taught and GRADED. 

    Therefore, it is essential that your child participates in instruction

    and completing assignments. 


         Assignments will now be posted in Google Classroom.  The

    link to the Google Classroom is on the bottom of this page. The

    following is hopefully the schedule we will follow (Note on days

    of Zoom, they will not have any independent work to do for



    Wednesday April 22nd and Thursday April 23rd- Zoom meeting to

    read and discuss the shared read, Food Fight, for Unit 3-week 5

    in Wonders.  If your child prefers not to participate in Zoom, they

    can access the story on ConnectEd.


    Friday April 24th-Independent Work- Students will complete the

    grammar and spelling section in Google Classroom.  Must be

    submitted for credit.


    Monday April 27th-Tuesday April 28th- Zoom Meeting to read,

    discuss, and model reading strategies and skills using the anchor

    text-A New Kind of Corn.  Again, if your child prefers not to

    participate in the Zoom meeting, they will be responsible to read

    the anchor text on their own on ConnectEd.


    Wednesday April 29th- Independent Work-Reread A New Kind of

    Corn and complete RWC pages and complete Vocabulary section

    of Google Classroom.  Must be submitted for credit.


     Thursday April 30th-Zoom Meeting- Review skills, strategies,

    vocbaulary, and grammar.


     Friday-May 1st-Independent Work- Students will take grammar,

    vocabulary, and warm read quiz on Google Classroom.  They may

    use the book to assist with the answers.




    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at or message me on the Remind App




    Google Classroom