Riverside School Counseling Page


    Our Counselors & Contact Information:


    Riverside Elementary East and West

    Mrs. Alita Soulsby, Counselor for Grades K-6

    ext. 3372



    Riverside Jr.-Sr. High School

    Mrs. Abbey Judge, Counseling Department Chair, District Testing Coordinator, Counselor for Grades 11-12

    ext. 1121 



    Mrs. Laurie Mecca, Counselor for Grades 7-10 

    ext. 1122 



    District Level

    Mr. J.T. Yarem, K-12 Crisis Counselor

    ext. 1123(HS) ; 3310(East);  2227(West)




    Please help us redesign the Career Center!! We are looking for student input to create a new, student-centered space at the high school where students can go to learn about college and career options in a relaxed setting.  Riverside is partnering with local colleges to bring students relevant, up-to-date information regarding career options and post-secondary education options.  We need your help, tell us how this new initiative can benefit YOU by answering this brief survey:


    Design a New Student Space Survey