School Counseling Curriculum

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    Students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade will receive the Too Good for Drugs/Too Good for Violence program as part of the guidance classroom curriculum. 

    Favorable attitudes toward problem behaviors, friends who engage in problem behaviors, and early initiation of a problem behavior are all risk factors for violence and aggression, substance abuse, and low academic achievement and/or school dropout. Research conducted over the past few decades demonstrates that many of the risk factors that increase the likelihood of these problem behaviors in children and adolescents are consistent over multiple problem areas.

    Extensive research has also identified how protective factors that help safeguard children from engaging in one of these problem behaviors often help to prevent not just that one, but multiple problem behaviors. Thus, developing social emotional learning skills, bonding with the school/teacher, and adopting conventional norms about substance use and aggression are all protective factors that decrease the likelihood of violence behavior and substance use, while increasing the likelihood of student success both socially and academically.

    Too Good programs are based on an accepted Theory of Change employing strategies and teaching key behavioral skills shown to promote healthy decision making and positive outcomes.


    Please click the "Too Good" link below for further information on the research and evidence behind the Too Good curriculum.

    Too Good




    Riverside School District utilizes NAVIANCE as a platform for career exploration, education, and planning.  Students have access to Riverside's Naviance website on their chromebooks.

    Through this site, students can explore personal interests, education and training, college/career options, scholarship opportunities, and job-seeking tips.  


    Students in grades 3-6 work in Naviance to develop the early stages of career interest through exploration.  Students begin to self-explore their own interests and abilities and begin to make a connection between school, self, and career.


    Students in grades 7-12 begin to build a portfolio using the My Plan tools.  Here, students can assess their own abilities, begin to understand the education and training required for different careers, keep track of careers and post-secondary options that interest them, and build their own resume using the Resume Builder tool.