Thank you for taking the initiative to help improve our Riverside schools and surrounding communities. Below you will find a brief introduction and basic information about the survey and the intended use. Following the introduction are links for the parental consent form to opt your student out of taking the survey and a link for the parent survey, the community survey, and one for the staff survey. The student surveys will be administered on Monday, March 13th during the school day. The staff, parent, and community surveys will be open through April 28th.

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    The Office for Safe Schools of the Pennsylvania Department of Education announces the release of school climate surveys to all school entities in the Commonwealth. The surveys are intended to provide schools with formative and summative climate data for use with needs assessments, program development and short and long term planning. The domains measured by the surveys include: Social Emotional Learning, Student Support, and Safe and Respectful School Climate.

    Surveys are available for students in grades 3-6, 7-12, all Riverside staff and parents, and all community members. The surveys and their results are completely anonymous and confidential. Survey data will only be viewed by the school district. No results will be reviewed by the PA Department of Education for any reason.


           Schools’ efforts to implement programs and strategies designed to help all students achieve high academic standards are most effective if they include multiple components. One important component is the ability to mitigate potentially negative effects of students’ experiences outside the school setting by creating and maintaining within the school what we refer to as effective conditions for learning. The American Institutes for Research (AIR) has been engaged in promoting the measurement of conditions for learning in schools and the use of resultant data as part of a larger effort to improve and monitor school climate. 

            By monitoring students’ opinions about conditions for learning, the CFL scales are often used as a measure of the effect of schools’ and districts’ efforts to improve school climate. AIR‘s development of a school-based survey is one part of a comprehensive program to identify, measure, and report on school conditions that foster and promote student academic success and achievement. The survey can be used along with surveys of teachers, other staff, and partners, and in coordination with the collection of qualitative data, such as classroom observations and focus groups, to provide additional understanding of a school’s strengths and needs for improvement.

     Only fill out this parent/guardian form if you DO NOT want your child participating in the school climate survey.

     Parent Passive Consent Form

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    Parent / Guardian Survey

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    Community Survey

     Community Survey  

    Staff Survey

    Staff Survey

    Grades 7-12 Student Survey

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    Grades 3 - 6 Student Survey