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    Welcome to Our Riverside Music Page

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    Kindergaren Concert



    First Grade Concert



    Second Grade Concert

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    Conference Day, April 19, 2021, 12:15-3:15 (last conference starts at 3:00pm)

    Do you or your parents have a question about your grade? Email me with your first and last
    name, your grade (remember, I teach seven grades in two buildings and we have multiple children with the same name), and what you need and I'll get back to you as soon as possible OR you may meet me in my conference room
    by following the link below. Thank you.

    Conference Room Link

    Please contact me at


    Please DO NOT try to contact me via PBIS messaging, I do not check it often enough for you to get a timely response.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Melissa M. Lingle, M. Ed.


    Please DO NOT try to contact me via PBIS messaging, I do not check it often enough for you to get a timely response.


    October 22, 2020


    Each week there are TWO graded assignments to turn in.

    You have an attendance form to fill out (this is your participation grade) and a homework assignment (this is your content grade). These are actual forms that must be filled out under the classwork section in google classroom. You cannot just turn them in without completing them. That will result in a 0 for the assignment.

    Please take a minute to look for any assignments that that have been given a 0 (they will not show up as missing because they have been assigned a 0 for a grade) and then complete the work and submit it. I will then be able to assign a higher grade.

    Please complete all the work with a 0 as soon as possible and continue to keep up with the weekly assignments. Anything that is not completed by the end of the quarter will remain a 0. I won’t be able to change the grades at that point.

    Mrs. Melissa M. Lingle, M. Ed.

    Riverside Music Teacher K-6 


    Music Classwork for Riverside Students can now be

     found in Google Classroom

    If your child has not received an Invitation

    to Join their Grade Level's Music Classroom

    Please contact Mrs. Lingle ASAP at


    to get your child enrolled

    Please include the child's full name and grade level in the email

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    will be posted in the Google Classroom each week

    for you to watch at your convenience during the learning cycle (6 school days)

    Please make sure your child watches the video

    and then completes the assigned homework

    Work completed after the due date, may not get graded

    So be sure to have it all completed by the due date


    NOTE: If your child attends the livestream, they will get credit for attendance

     West K-2 students will also get credit for the homework

    East 3-6 students will need to complete the posted homework 

    (we complete it in the livestream together, but they have to do the work)





    ??? QUESTIONS ???

    Email me at MLingle@RiversideSD.com

    You should hear back from me within 24 hours

    unless it's the weekend


    ALL Music Content

    Can be Found in Google Classrooms

    Your child should have an invitation to join the class

    but if they haven't received one, please follow the steps below

    To Access their Google Music Classrooms,


    Step 1: Go to Classroom.Google.Com

    Step 2: Sign in with your child's Riverside Account

    Step 3: Click Add A Class

    Sometimes it's a Plus sign (+), or says Join, depending on your device

    Step 4: If needed, Enter Your Child's Class Code

    (sometimes the class will already be on their google classroom page, sometimes it asks for the code)

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    Did you know there is a Google Classroom app available through

    the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for android devices?

    It makes navigating the virtual classrooms easier and faster!

    Download the FREE app from the App Store (apple devices)

    or Google Play (androids) from the link below.





    Sixth Grade Music

    Class code



    Fifth Grade Music

    Class code



    Fourth Grade Music

    Class code



    Third Grade Music

    Class code



    Second Grade Music

    Class code



    First Grade Music

    Class code



    Kindergarten Music

    Class code



    Classroom activities are mandatory for students to complete and are counted towards

    credit or official academic performance

    You may email me at MLingle@RiversideSD.com

    to get  help with any homework issues

    your child may be experiencing.

    You should hear back from me within 24 hours unless it is a weekend or holiday


    Please DO NOT try to contact me via PBIS messaging, I do not check it often enough for you to get a timely response.

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