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    Music Is more than

    Art FORm

    It’s a discipline; a form of expression; a rich learning experience that prepares students with the analytical, cognitive, emotional and problem-solving skills to succeed in school, life and society.



    This Week in Music








    Watch "It's A Small World" ride and song

    from Disneyland









    "Music is Life...


       That's why our hearts have









    Is learning to match pitch and simple note values

    They are also following the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear



     mother goose









    First Grade

    Is Learning pitch and Rhythm patterns



    Image result for disney







    Second Grade


    Is learning to sing harmony and mimic complex rhythm patterns 


    Kids Singing  




    Third Grade  

    is learning about reading music and sight singing

    And Preparing a Winter Musical



    sight singing









    Fourth Grade 

    Is preparing a Christmas Musical


     Music Tree








    Fifth Grade 

    Is Studying Composer History



    composer collection



    Mozart Jupiter Symphony









    Sixth Grade 

    Is Studying Jazz Composers and Artists

    And Music Theory

    ready to read music


    Note Identification for Treble and Bass Clef (you must choose the clef) Study Link


    Jazz Performance by The PianoGuys











    Did You Know?

    1. Your heartbeat changes with and mimics the music you listen too.

    2. The type of music you listen to affects the way you perceive the world.

    3. The brain waves of two musicians will synchronize when they are playing a duet.

    4. Your taste in music develops through experience, and is not something you are born with.

    5. Listening to 5-10 songs per day can improve memory, strengthen the immune system, and reduce depression by 80%.

    6. Music utilizes the ENTIRE brain.

    7. Music exercises your heart and lungs and releases endorphins, making you feel good.



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