Miss. Moniak - Art Class


    Welcome to Ms. Moniak's Art Education webpage. 

    I am looking forward to working with all of the students from both East and West this year!  




    If any parent would like to schedule a parent-teacher conference with me for the 3rd Quarter, please contact me through email and we can arrage a time. 

    My email is cmoniak@riversidesd.com




    Starting Monday September 14, 2020, the Art lessons that I post are only for those students who I DO NOT see in person.  Each week, we will be adding more details to our drawing.  A lesson may take us 2-3 weeks to complete, so please do not throw away your artwork.  When we are COMPLETELY finished with the lesson, you MUST then show me proof of your work.  *For those of you who I DO see in person, we will work on our ART lessons during school hours...you will NOT need to participate in my Google classroom. 





    Stay healthy, Stay safe, Stay creative


    Cick the link below to visit my google classroom....

    google classroom access



    Office Hours:  Attention all Parents... Should you have any questions/concerns, I will be available Monday-Friday through email.  I will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Email:  Cmoniak@riversidesd.com

























    Miss. Moniak
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