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    Welcome to Ms. Moniak's Art Education webpage.   


    Parent-Teacher Conferences will be virtually held on Friday April 14, 2023 from 12:15pm- 3:15pm.   If anyone would like to schedule a parent-teacher conference for the 3rd Quarter, please e-mail cmoniak@riversidesd.com and we can make arrangements.  





    East and West students...Please add me to your Google Classroom by using the appropriate class code below.  The only time that I will post an assignment is when/if we have a Virtual Day or a FLEX Day.  Otherwise, we will complete our assignments in person.  If you are going to be absent for a long period of time (over a week), please email me and we can address it then.  Thank You!

    6th grade's class code:  e2pmy4n

    5th grade's class code:  bvy7wuw

    3rd grade's class code:  eegjfxu (I already invited all of you.  Please just click the "join" button)

    4th grade's class code:  g4qw7qt

    2nd grade's class code:  epwhs7i

    1st grade's class code:n  s4oximq

    Kindergarten's class code:  2zp2d54





    In case you ever need me...

    My e-mail is cmoniak@riversidesd.com








    Stay healthy, Stay safe, Stay creative


    Cick the link below to visit my google classroom....

    google classroom access



    Office Hours:  Attention all Parents... Should you have any questions/concerns, I will be available Monday-Friday through email.  I will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Email:  Cmoniak@riversidesd.com

























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