Wonders Reading Program

  •             As you are all aware, Riverside Elementary East grades 3-6 adopted a new reading series, Wonders, by McGraw Hill.  Wonders is based on 21st century skills and expectations.  The series offers an increased use of informational texts, multiples texts on a topic to compare and contrast information, and repeated reading of texts to interpret meaning.  Comprehension expectations will be based on inferring author’s meaning, integrating themes across multiple reading passages, and analyzing author’s craft and structure.

           To prepare the students for the comprehension expectations, Wonders relies heavily on a Close Reading routine.  During the course of two weeks, your child will be exposed to three texts; shared reading, anchor text, and a paired passage.  We will be reading each of those texts three times, and with each time, there will be a different purpose.  The first read is to get a general gist of the text and new vocabulary words. The second read is to look deeper into the text’s message by analyzing the author’s craft, text structure, author’s perspective, point of view, etc and how each helps with our understanding of the text. Lastly, the third read focuses on what the text means by making connections and showing your thinking.

           The rigor of these materials will be apparent as soon as we start the program. Therefore, it will be very important that students receive lots of encouragement as they grow into these new expectations.  Assessments will include not only multiple choice questions, but questions that require students to provide an organized written analysis using evidence from the text for their thinking.  Comprehension and vocabulary will occur biweekly, while grammar and spelling will occur weekly.  However, if I do not feel students are ready for the test as a whole, we may take more time to practice to ensure success.

           I will be working diligently throughout the year to provide your child with the best experience in 4th grade and with the use of Wonders.  I am asking families to be patient with me and your child as we work to meet and exceed these new standards.  I appreciate you for working with me and your child this year to make your child’s experience in reading a rewarding challenge.  If you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate and contact me.