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    Welcome to Mr. Murphy's 4th Grade Social Studies Class 2024-25!

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    You will be learning Pennsylvania History this year! 

    Use this page as your landing pad to help get through the school year!  


    Our Back-to-School Night will take place on T.B.A. and will be virtual through Google Meet. 



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     Eckley Miners' Village Trip November 2019

    Eckley Miners' Village Trip 


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    Helpful tip:   Here's a comprehension tip as you read:  As always, use context clues wherever necessary. This is a skill that we practice in SS class. Basically, create a "blank" where the unknown word is (If you still can't decode it) and think of another word that would make sense in the blank. This could possibly be a "synonym" for the missing word and can lead you to better comprehension of the passage. Parents may assist with any of the reading. You know your child best! 


    Old stuff which can still be used for fun!: Enrichment Work During Shutdown March-April 17 2020


    Scroll down for more sites, including the PA song site.  Several links below go along with lessons in the packet. Parents, I recommend that your child visit each link after completing the activity page which coorelates with it. 




     Fourth Grade Trip to Eckley Miners' Village 

    Eckley Miners' Village 2019


    Click on: How Money is Made 

    Draw the Liberty Bell:

    Click on: How Steel is Made

    Sing the PA State Song:


    Click on: The Walking Purchase 



    A blast from the past! Check out the Eckley Webpage!




    For fun..."Miles of Mules" site below: