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     Just for fun, you can also click on "Social Media" then "YouTube."  One of the videos is a tour of the Catlin House, which is the home of the Lackawanna Historical Society. Parents: Preview the Lackawanna Past Times - Scarcity of Caskets video (related to the Spanish Flu of the early 1900s), and use your own descression before your child views it. Check out the entire website of the historical society! This is a wonderful resource for enriching your local history knowledge!  Have fun! Again, this is just for fun enrichment and not a graded section. 

     Below are some photos that go with things learned in the 4th quarter!  Enjoy! 

     Scranton's First Industry 1840s


    Scranton's first industry was iron making. Later, the anthracite coal industry had begun.  (Ch. 8)

    Although some of the text is difficult to read below, the images give you an idea of how vast this business was on Cedar Avenue in Scranton. 



    Remember:  Industry is the making, selling and moving of goods, products or services.  When we MANUFACTURE goods we MAKE them. 

    Connecting Chapter 7 (our last chapter at school) to Chapter 8...  While most of your parents now work in a services-type of job, back in the 1800s and early 1900s, most people worked in providing goods (products).