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    2nd GRADE!!!


    Hi Parents!  I will be actively checking my remind app from the hours of 8-11:30.  If you have any questions this is the best way to reach me.  If you send an email please allow 24 hours for a response.  Thanks so much!!!!


    During our time away from school, all daily activities will be posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM :)

    To login in to the Google Classrom for Second Grade, please follow this link and directions:




    Student logins are as follows 


    For user name


    1) First 3 letters of last name 

    2) First 3 letters of first name 

    3) The number 30 for their graduation year


     Ex: schjen30@riversidesd.com


    For password: 


    1) Rsd 

    2)student pin number/lunch number 


    Ex: Rsd255630 


    Please email me at jschuback@riversidesd.com

    for any concerns with logins/ technology issues


    Please check the websites of the specialists on the days we normally have that special.

    They are posting some fun activities for your children!



     Monday- Art  (Ms. Moniak)

    Tuesday- Gym  (Mr. Coyle)

    Wednesday- Music  (Mrs. Lingle)

    Thursday- Computer  (Mrs. Insalaca)

    Friday- Library  (Ms. Voytko)



    Supply List 2019-2020 School Year
    ~2 jumbo book covers
    (paper bags are fine, please cover the books at home, tape MAY NOT touch the book.  There are great paper bag book cover videos on YouTube!!)
    ~One binder (1 inch size only, We have very small desks). 
    ~One pencil pouch (no boxes, they do not fit in the desks).
    ~1 yellow folder, one green folder (these will go in the binder so holes are appreciated, if you have the paper ones I can punch holes in them at school for students.)  If you find them at a good price for back to school I suggest buying 4 of each color, the paper ones tend to fall apart after several weeks. 
    ~Students are free to bring in any pencils they wish to write with for the day as long as they are not a distraction.   Please keep in mind pencils with plastic coatings around them can not be sharpened in the electric sharpener. 
    ~I have basic supplies for each student, however if your child would like to bring in their own crayons (24 ct), kid friendly scissors, ruler, or white board marker, they can do so.





    To contact me please use the following link:  JSchuback@riversidesd.com