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    2nd GRADE!!!


    *Please note as of Wednesday April 22, our superintendent, Mr. Brennan, changed our distance learning to MANDITORY and GRADED.  Please visit the main school webpage to see his notice.  

    *see below for an important letter from our principal*

    I will be sending out a message via the Remind app informing you of what changes will be made due to this change and also what the expectations are.  If you are not part of the Remind app and would like to be added please send me an email with your cell phone number.  I will send you a request to join.  ALL information will be posted in the Google Classroom, however, the Remind app will have reminders as well as helpful hints to successfully navigate the last quarter of school.  It is a way for me to interact with you daily, and also a way for you to message me with any question you may have during the day.  I highly recommend having the app especially during these times.


    During our time away from school during the Covid 19 pandemic, all daily activities will be posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM :)

    To login in to the Google Classrom for Second Grade, please follow this link and directions:




    Student logins are as follows: 


    For user name


    1) First 3 letters of last name 

    2) First 3 letters of first name 

    3) The number 30 for their graduation year


     Ex: schjen30@riversidesd.com


    For password: 


    1) Rsd 

    2)student pin number/lunch number 


    Ex: Rsd255630 


    I will be actively checking my remind app from the hours of 9-12.  If you have any questions this is the best way to reach me.  If you send an email instead please allow 24 hours for a response.  Thanks so much!!!!


    Please check the websites of the specialists on the days we normally have that special.

    They are posting some fun activities for your children!



     Monday- Art  (Ms. Moniak)

    Tuesday- Gym  (Mr. Coyle)

    Wednesday- Music  (Mrs. Lingle)

    Thursday- Computer  (Mrs. Insalaca)

    Friday- Library  (Ms. Voytko)


    A letter from our principal

    April 20, 2020


    Dear Parents:


    I hope you are well and continuing to stay safe during our continued time in self-quarantining / social distancing.


    Late last week, Mr. Brennan notified our school community that we are shifting to Phase 2 with the teaching of new material, mandatory completion of assignments, and graded activities.  Riverside West (K-1-2) will be using a point system to assess certain “graded” activities presented during the week. All assignments and activities must be completed, however, not all assignments will not have a point value attached to them.


    We understand there are challenges with scheduling, shared technology, inability to print materials, and a million other personal issues you may face on a daily basis. We are working to support you and help you overcome whatever roadblocks may be in your child’s way at participating and become successfully engaging in virtual learning.


    Some important things to note:

    For the third quarter, all students will receive a “Satisfactory” for all classes. A report card will not be issued until the end of the school year.


    It may be helpful for you to download the Google Classroom App for your phone or device. You will be able to take a photo of a completed assignment (if assigned by teachers) and upload it to Google Classroom right from your phone or device. 


    All Google Classroom content for the week will continue to be posted to the Google Classrooms on Sunday night at 9:00 PM. All completed assignments are due the following Sunday at 8:59 PM. You can continue to work on them at your own pace and on a schedule that works best for your family, however they should all be submitted by the assigned due date.


    Please do not forget to click Submit, Mark Complete, Turn In, or Mark As Done on Google Classroom so your teachers know your child has completed the activity. For Amplify Reading, we will be able to monitor student progress directly in the program. Please note that the activities that track time in Amplify are: All Games In Quest Mode, eReader, All Games in Challenge Mode, Practice, Vocabulary and Close Reading. Your child should focus on these activities to meet the required 30 minutes of engagement per week. Areas / activities that do not clock time of engagement are Mind The Gap, Map Screen, Curiosco Customization, Quest Screens, Progress Screens and the Journal & Settings Pages.


    It is expected that all activities / lessons assigned be completed. This includes specials and  Title 1 if applicable; however, some lessons will be only checked for completion while others will be graded via the point system. All completed lessons will contribute to your child’s final mark for the year.


    All classes will use a 3-2-1-0 point scale for graded work. A scoring guideline for each grade will be posted to the Google Classrooms on Wednesday, April 22nd, the first day of the fourth quarter. Teachers will be providing feedback on assignments, continue to use optional Zoom Meetings for class interaction (not mandatory) and be available to assist you if you have any trouble or concerns.


    Please remember to check the District Webpage for updates, your classroom teacher’s webpages and personal Remind / Class DoJo posts, social media sites including the Riverside Elementary School West Facebook Page (@REWSchool) and importantly, your email as I try to send at least one weekly update.


    Once again, we are all here to help you and your child successfully navigate through the virtual lessons. If you are struggling or need support, please reach out to your child’s first. If you need tech support please send an email to support@riversidesd.com and as always you are also welcome to email me at nvanluvender@riversidesd.com.


    Please be well and stay safe.

    Nicole VanLuvender

    Elementary Principal, REW



    Supply List 2019-2020 School Year
    ~2 jumbo book covers (only jumbo will fit the very large books)
    (paper bags are fine, please cover the books at home, tape MAY NOT touch the book.  There are great paper bag book cover videos on YouTube!!)
    ~One binder (1 inch size only, We have very small desks). 
    ~One pencil pouch (no boxes, they do not fit in the desks).
    ~1 yellow folder, one green folder (these will go in the binder so holes are appreciated, if you have the paper ones I can punch holes in them at school for students.)  If you find them at a good price for back to school I suggest buying 4 of each color, the paper ones tend to fall apart after several weeks. 
    ~Students are free to bring in any pencils they wish to write with for the day as long as they are not a distraction.   Please keep in mind pencils with plastic coatings around them can not be sharpened in the electric sharpener. 
    ~I have basic supplies for each student, however if your child would like to bring in their own crayons (24 ct), kid friendly scissors, ruler (prefered to have holes to fit inside binder), and white board marker (dry erase marker), they can do so.





    To contact me please use the following link:  JSchuback@riversidesd.com