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     There will be no optional ZOOM meetings

    on June 8-10

    Happy Summer Time!


    Classwork for Riverside will now be


    Graded and Mandatory for the Fourth Quarter


    Starting Wednesday, April 22, 2020







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    Music Content


    Can be Found in Google Classrooms


    To Access Google Classrooms,



    Go to Classroom.Google.Com 


    Sign in with your child's Riverside Account



    Click Add A Class

    Sometimes it's a Plus sign (+), or says Join, depending on your device

    If needed, Enter Your Child's Class Code

    (sometimes it will already be on their google classroom page, sometimes it asks for the code)



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    Sixth Grade Music

    Class code



    Fifth Grade Music

    Class code



    Fourth Grade Music

    Class code



    Third Grade Music

    Class code



    Second Grade Music

    Class code



    First Grade Music

    Class code



    Kindergarten Music

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    will happen once a week


    See the weekly schedule for more details



      Classroom activities are mandatory for students to complete and are counted towards credit or official academic performance


    I will host a live music meeting in ZOOM once a week for each grade level

    Please Note: ZOOM meetings are not required and do not count towards grades.

    They are a chance for students to ask questions, get additional information about the week’s topic,

    show off what they’ve been learning, and have some fun with review games and stories.

    Do not stress if your child cannot attend.

    Student's can interact, ask questions, review the new content posted in Google Classroom,

    and even have some fun!


    The schedule can be found in the WEEKLY SCHEDULE tab to the left





    Music Is more than

    Art FORm

    It’s a discipline; a form of expression; a rich learning experience that prepares students with the analytical, cognitive, emotional and problem-solving skills to succeed in school, life and society.



    This Week in Music







    Watch "It's A Small World" ride and song

    from Disneyland









    "Music is Life...


       That's why our hearts


    have beats."






    Is learning to match pitch and simple note values

    They are also following the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear

    And learning about Music Families, Instruments, and Opera



     mother goose



    First Grade

    Is Learning pitch and Rhythm patterns

    And learning about composers and symphonies



    Image result for disney




    Second Grade


    Is learning to sing harmony and mimic complex rhythm patterns 

    And is studying the history of musicals and what it takes to perform in them


    Kids Singing  




    Third Grade  

    is learning about reading music and sight singing,

    intervals, and music symbols

    And some composer history



    sight singing





    Fourth Grade 

    Is preparing learning to apply their music reading skills by playing the recorder




     children on recorder




    Fifth Grade 

    Is Studying Composer History



    composer collection



    Mozart Jupiter Symphony




    Sixth Grade 

    Is Learning About American Music History with Jazz and a little Rock n Roll



    Music Around the World




    Note Identification for Treble and Bass Clef (you must choose the clef) Study Link


    Jazz Performance by The PianoGuys



    Did You Know?

    1. Your heartbeat changes with and mimics the music you listen too.

    2. The type of music you listen to affects the way you perceive the world.

    3. The brain waves of two musicians will synchronize when they are playing a duet.

    4. Your taste in music develops through experience, and is not something you are born with.

    5. Listening to 5-10 songs per day can improve memory, strengthen the immune system, and reduce depression by 80%.

    6. Music utilizes the ENTIRE brain.

    7. Music exercises your heart and lungs and releases endorphins, making you feel good.



    Music In Our Schools

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