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    2nd GRADE!!!
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    Supply List 2018-2019 School Year
    ~3 jumbo book covers
    (paper bags are fine, please cover the books at home, tape MAY NOT touch the book.  There are great paper bag book cover videos on YouTube!!)
    ~One binder (1 inch size only). 
    ~One pencil pouch
    ~1 yellow folder, one green folder (these will go in the binder so holes are appreciated, if you have the paper ones I can punch holes in them at school for students.)  If you find them at a good price for back to school I suggest buying 4 of each color, the paper ones tend to fall apart after several weeks. 
    ~Students are free to bring in any pencils they wish to write with for the day as long as they are not a distraction.   Please keep in mind pencils with plastic coatings around them can not be sharpened in the electric sharpener. 
    ~I have basic supplies for each student, however if your child would like to bring in their own crayons (24 ct), kid friendly scissors, ruler, or white board marker (only 1 needed at a time) they can do so.





    To contact me please use the following link:  JSchuback@riversidesd.com