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  • Welcome to Mrs. Derenick's Occupational Therapy Homepage.


    With mandatory learning starting on 4/22/20, I strongly encourage all students (or their parents) to join their Google Classrooms. Each of my direct service students have been placed in a Google Classroom. Roughly 80% of you have logged in and have access to the materials that I am posting. Thank you very much! Step by step directions are posted in the left hand column of my site if you need assistance logging in.

    Starting next week, I will be requiring my students to mark "TURN IN" for each of the Google Classroom assignments. This will be the only way I am able to track participation. Please, feel free to take a picture and scan it into the assignment if you are tech savvy enough. This will allow me to give you feedback. If you cannot do that, please just mark that you "turned in" the assignment once you have done the work at home.

    I will continue to communicate with you all through the Talking Points app. If you need an alternative, please feel free to email me at sderenick@riversidesd.com.



    I hope that each and every one of you are doing and feeling well during this time away from school. I am hoping that we can be together in the near future and continue to work on our skills that we are learning in Occupational Therapy.


    Each of you who receive direct occupational therapy services in school have been placed into one or more of my virtual Google Classrooms. How do I access the Google Classroom, you ask? For those of you who do not know how to access this, follow the tab on the left with step by step directions.


    Once in the Google Classroom you will see a new post weekly. These posts can include print-from-home handwriting activities, fun paper and pencil tasks, or website links for motor or sensory activities. 


    I invite all parents to join me on Talking Points for Parents. This is an app or web based communication tool which will allows open and easy communication over these coming weeks. This tool offers translation of languages with ease. Please follow one of the links for instructions. If you need instructions in an additional language, please reach out to me at sderenick@riversidesd.com

     Talking Points Instructions- English

    Talking Points Instructions- Spanish


    You can reach me via email at sderenick@riversidesd.com anytime. I maintain "Office Hours" from 9-2 Monday through Friday. I will always respond within 24 hours.