NOLA - Online Learning Program

  • Riverside offers students an online learning option. We partner with the NEIU to provide quality online courses as an option for our students who may be interested in cyber learning. 



    NOLA 19

    NOLA can serve students in 3 ways:
    -Full time online enrollment.  Students are still considered Riverside students but take all courses online through vendors like Edison Learning
    -Enrichment courses.  Students have the option to take electives that are not offered in our building. 
    -Credit Recovery courses.  Students can make up credits using this option instead of attending summer school.  There is a cost for these courses.
    Link to the NOLA login page
    As a part of our cyber option, students are required to meet with a Riverside teacher as a point-of-contact with the school.  Ms. Voytko can help with technical or communication issues and acts as a liaison between Riverside and NOLA.  She can be contacted at 
    If you are interested in learning more about NOLA or enrolling in NOLA, please contact your counselor.