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    Unit 3 - Lesson 11

    "Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type"

    During the next few weeks, we'll explore the theme Tell Me About It. Our reading selections in this unit focus on how we communicate with each other. From a fanciful tale of typing cows to artists from around the world, we'll read about the ways people share their ideas and feelings. As we read, we'll explore the Big Idea "We learn from each other." We'll begin this week with a humorous fiction story called Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. Farmer Brown's cows have found a typewriter, and they're using it to demand better working conditions. What will Farmer Brown do? We'll also read about how real animals communicate in the informational text Talk About Smart Animals! Throughout the week we'll consider the question "What helps you make a decision about a character?"

    This Week...

    Target Vocabulary: problem, impossible, understand, impatient, furious, demand, gathered,


    Phonics Skills: Base words with endings -s, -es (including pronunciation and syllables)

    Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes pre(means "before") and mis- (means "not" or "badly")

    Comprehension Skill: Conclusions: use details to figure out more about the text

    Comprehension Strategy: Infer/ predict-use clues to figure out more about the story parts or

    important ideas

    Writing Focus: Write to persuade: persuasive letter

    Unit 3 - Lesson 12

    "Violet's Music"

    This week we'll consider the question "How do you find important story characters?" First,we'll read Violet's Music, a realistic fiction story about a girl who loves making music with herfriends. Then we'll read Wolfgang Mozart, Child Superstar, a biography about the real life of this famous musician.

    This week's..

    Target Vocabulary: nursery, shake, smooth, whenever, hours, alone, real, museum

    Phonics Skills: Vowel digraphs ai, ay

    Vocabulary Strategy: Figurative language/idioms

    Comprehension Skill: Story structure: tell the setting, character, and plot in a story

    Comprehension Strategy: Question : ask questions about what you are reading

    Writing Focus: Write to persuade: opinion paragraph

    Unit 3 - Lesson 13


    This week we'll read about schools in other parts of the world and explore the question, "Why do authors write different kinds of texts?" In the informational text Schools Around the World, we'll learn about how schools in other parts of the world are the same and different. We'll also read a selection of poems about school in School Poems.

    This week's...

    Target Vocabulary: culture, community, languages, transportation, subjects, lessons, special,


    Phonics Skills: Vowel digraphs ee, ea (long esound)

    Vocabulary Strategy: Using a dictionary

    Comprehension Skill: Author's purpose-tell why an author writes a book

    Comprehension Strategy: Analyze / evaluate-tell how you feel about the text and why

    Writing Focus: Writing to Persuade: A persuasive paragraph

    Unit 3 - Lesson 14

    "Helen Keller"

    This week we'll ask, "How do you know when story ideas are important?" We'll read the biography of Helen Keller, who learned how to communicate with help from her devoted teacher. And we'll learn about other ways to communicate in the informational text Talking Tools.

    This week's...

    Target Vocabulary: curious, imitated, knowledge, motion, silence, illness, darkness, behavior

    Phonics Skills: Words with long o (o, oa, ow) [open, coat, bowl]

    Vocabulary Strategy: Suffix -ly (means "in a certain way")

    Comprehension Skill: Main ideas and details-tell important ideas and details about a topic

    Comprehension Strategy: Summarize-stop to tell important ideas as you read

    Writing Focus: Write to persuade-prewrite a persuasive essay (Reading/Writing Workshop)

    Unit 3 - Lesson 15

    "Officer Buckle and Gloria"

    This week we'll ask, "What might cause a story character to change?" IN the humorous fiction story Officer Buckle and Gloria, we'll read about teamwork between a police officer and his dog. We'll read about a different kind of teamwork in the play Safety at Home.

    This week's...

    Target Vocabulary: attention, buddy, obeys, speech, enormous, safety, shocked, station

    Phonics Skills: Compound word; schwa vowel sound (was)

    Vocabulary Strategy: Dictionary entry

    Comprehension Skill: Cause and effect-tell how one event makes another happen

    Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify-find ways to figure out what doesn't make sense

    Writing Focus: Write to persuade- revise/edit persuasive essay (Reading/Writing Workshop)




















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