Language Arts


    The website can be accessed through a student's Clever account. 


    I am so excited about taking a reading adventure with your child in the stories we will be reading all year and watching those 'light bulb' moments take place!  They will learn and grow in their reading ability so much this year.



    Wonders, a McGraw Hill product, is designed to help students meet high academic standards and prepare them for future success. I will use Wonders to help your child:

    • Master foundational skills of phonics, vocabulary, spelling, and word study
    • Engage in close reading of complex text and find text evidence
    • Become proficient in academic writing
    • Take part in daily academic conversations with peers


    What will your child experience in class?

    In class, your child will be close reading, writing analytically, and practicing foundational skills using Wonders books and support materials.

    Your child’s teacher will use a gradual release of responsibility learning approach. First, I will clearly explain and model the week’s skills and strategies, then provide guided practice opportunities before prompting children to either work independently or to collaborate with their classmates.

    Students will read and reread short, complex texts in the Reading/Writing Companion. They will learn to take notes, ask and answer text-dependent questions, and cite text evidence. Then, students will apply what they have learned as they read and reread the longer Anchor Texts and Leveled Readers.


    What will your child experience at home?

    You and your child can access Wonders digital content online from home. Your child will receive an online account that will give you access to:

    • A weekly letter outlining what your child will be learning
    • Messages from your child’s teacher
    • Homework assignments
    • Digital copies of all Wonders resources