I truly feel that parents are a child's first teacher and I need your support.  Please read the following rules and discuss, role-play, etc. appropriate behaviors for school with your child.  If we work together, we can ensure the best learning environment for all children! 

    1.  Treat everyone with respect.

    2.  Keep you hands and feet to yourself.

    3.  Listen carefully and follow directions the first time they are given.

    4.  Always try your best.

    5. Always be prepared for class and ready to learn.

    6.  I will not interfere with the teacher teaching and others learning.




    This year will look different from other years as we enter a virtual/hybrid model of learning.  Here are some tips to make virtual learning successful:

    1.  Find a quiet place free of distractions (tv, parents, toys, pets, siblings, etc.)

    2.  Show up on time for class and wait to be admitted into it if needed.

    3.  Be respectful at all time when your video is on.  No inappropriate language or hand gestures.

    4.  Stay on mute.  Raise your hand if you have a question or something to share. 

         You may also click on the raise hand button to do this in Zoom.

    5.  Stay on task and focus so you don't miss anything the speaker says.