Social Studies

  •  Social Studies:

    Unit 3: Using Our Resources

    During this unit we will find the answers to the following questions:

    v     What natural resources do people use?  How do they use them?

    v     What are some of the reasons people choose to live in a place?

    v     How do people change their environment?

    v     How have transportation and communication changed over time?

    Vocabulary Terms:

    Technology- helps farmers today by making the work go faster.

    Fuel- a resource that can be burned for heat or energy.

    Suburb- a smaller community near a city.

    Communication- the sharing of ideas and information.

    Transportation- the moving of goods and people from place to place.

    Recycle Newspapers- one way to save our natural resources.

    Technology- the use of new objects and ideas in everyday life.

    Environment- all of the things that people find around them.

    Rural- areas that are usually in the country.

    Conservation- the saving of resources to make them last longer.

    Natural Resources- something that can be found in nature that people can use.

    Urban- areas that are in the city.

    Unit 6 : People in the Marketplace

    In this unit we will read about and answer the following questions:

          How do producers and consumers depend on each other?

          How do people get money to pay for goods and services?

          How do raw materials become products?

          Why do we make, sell, and buy more of some things than others?

          How does trade help people meet their needs?

    Vocabulary Terms

    Consumer- a person who buys goods or services

    A person who owns a business makes or sells goods or provides services.

    Producer- a worker who grows, makes, or sells products

    Services- work people do for others

    Goods- things that can be bought or sold

    Wants- things people would like to have

    Occupation- a job a person works at to earn money

    Free Enterprise- the freedom to start and run a business to make money

    Income- the money people earn

    Scarce- if there is not enough of something

    Marketplace- where goods and services are bought and sold

    Factory- a building in which people use machines to make goods

    Capital Resources- all of the tools used to produce a good

    Raw Materials- natural resources used to make a product

    Trade- the exchange of one thing for another

    Barter- to exchange things without using money

    Human Resources- work people do