Information for Parents

  • As an educator I enjoy taking courses so I can learn more about how I can be the most effective teacher I can be for your child. This summer I had the pleasure of taking a course called "A Moving Child is a Learning Child". The course is based on a book by the same name. The book is written by Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy. It is a very informative book and I would recommend it to parents and educators of young children. 


    As the authors suggest, "All learning begins with the body...the body is the brain's first teacher."  Children learn through all types of movement.


    In the book, the authors share with us a scale to show us the body-brain relationship. 
    It is called the Kinetic Scale. 


    Here is a closer look at the Kinetic Scale and the play activities 
    which support the physical development of your child.


    Movement is a very important factor in the learning process. As your child's Kindergarten teacher I will be incorporating movement in our learning activities on a daily basis. Your child will have many opportunities to learn and grow physically and mentally in a safe, nurturing learning environment. 


    Be sure to check your child's folder for play activities I will be sending home! 
    The authors have many suggestions which I would like to share with you 
    and I will be sending them home periodically.