• Tech Resources


    There are 3 major websites we will be using this year:

    • ConnectEd: https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do
      • We'll use this website for both reading and math.
        • I will be passing out the log in information for this website to you.
    • Amplify: https://reading.amplify.com/
      • This website is more reading practice for students. Feel free to log in whenever.
      • I will be passing out the log in information for this website to you.
    • ABCya!: https://www.abcya.com/
      • On this website, you will find a variety of educational games. This is a great resource for practice as well.
      • There's no log in information needed for this website.


    We use a website called Clever to help students log into all of their apps easier. When they log into their Chromebooks, Clever will usually be one of the start up tabs. They can use that to click the Amplify or ConnectEd apps. It will lead directly to those websites.



    Our behavior system is PBIS Rewards:

    This is based in positive reinforcement. Both parents and students will be able to log in. Students will be able to collect points for showing behavior that represents being respectful, ready to learn, using kind words, raising hands, following directions, proper cafeteria behavior, and good bus behavior. These points will be able to be used in the virtual school store and raffles. Occasionally, we may have "Five Point Friday" events where students can use their points to dress down.

    Any student write up will be documented through PBIS as well.

    Students will be able to use Clever to log into PBIS. Parents will be sent a code to get them logged in. 

    There is a messaging component on this platform to get into contact with me, but my responses will be very slow. Email and Remind will get you a faster response.

    Here is the link for PBIS: https://www.pbisrewards.com/login/