Homework Assignments


         Check daily to view  homework assignments. 

    Assignments may change, so please be sure to check in the student agenda! 

    Students will always have their homework written in their agendas. 

    Parents, please make sure to check and sign your child's agenda each night. 


           Each student has a homework folder. 

    Papers that need to be returned will be on the side labeled homework. 

    Papers that need to be taken out of the folder

    and kept at home are on the keep side of the folder.


    Students have the option of keeping their Math HomeLink Book in his/her binder or at home.

    This is the homework that we'll use each night that homework is assigned.

    If your child forgets his/her binder in school,

    log into the Everyday Math site to access BOTH the HomeLink Book

    and the Student Reference Book to help with homework.


    Homework will be checked each day.

    Please tear the correct page out of the HomeLink book and return only the page to school.


    REMIND App

    Information will be sent home explaining how to sign up to receive text messages.

    I send texts via the Remind App to inform parents of homework assignments

    as well as special class and school announcements.



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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

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