• Google Classroom Information


    Students will be "invited" to my math google classroom at the beginning of each year. 

    My math classroom will then appear in their main google classroom screen on your child's school account. 

    The first time they log in, they will have to click on "join."


    Each day, I will post a "Daily Math Bulletin" in the "classwork" section.  

    This bulletin lists the must do and extra practice activities for the day.

    If your child is absent, please check our Google Classroom and look for this bulletin (an example bulletin is posted below).

    Students will complete the Must Do activities in school (or at home if they are absent). 

    If there is time, we also complete some of the extra practice activities (Game of the Day, May Do Activities, and Anytime Activities).  Students can always work on these extra practice activities at home for extra practice.


    Sample Daily Math Bulletin


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