• 1st Grade Supply List 

    art supplies

    Supplies for in School

    Headphones (to Use with Chromebook)

    Water Bottle (Filled with Water Only)


    Lunchbox (As Needed)

    That's it! We don't have room for any other supplies and I will have everything else you need.  Please do not bring in markers, folders, binders, etc. 


    Supplies for at HOME:




    Classroom Donations:

    If you are able and willing, we could always use the following items in our classroom:

    Disinfectant Spray

    Disinfectant Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer


    Paper Towels

    8 oz bottles of water

    Sidewalk Chalk

    Hula Hoops

    Coloring Books



    If you would like to view my Amazon wishlist, click HERE 😊


    thank you