• 1st Grade Supply List 

    art supplies

    Supplies for in School

    4 Expo Markers (the Expo Ones Erase Much Cleaner than Other Brands)

    24 Pack of Crayons

    2 Elmers Glue Sticks

    Headphones (to Use with Chromebook)

    Water Bottle (Filled with Water Only)


    Lunchbox (As Needed)

    That's it! We don't have room for any other supplies and I will have everything else you need.  Please do not bring in markers, folders, binders, pencil boxes, etc. 


    Supplies for at HOME:




    Classroom Donations:

    If you are able and willing, we could always use the following items in our classroom:

    Disinfectant Spray

    Disinfectant Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer


    Paper Towels

    8 oz bottles of water

    Peanut Free Snacks (rice krispy treats, animal crackers, certain pretzels)

    Sidewalk Chalk

    Hula Hoops

    Coloring Books  

    thank you